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Vivica Fox talks about plastic surgery Concrete Loop

K-Fraud is not settling for $25 million from Britney Evil Beet

Move over Missy, LaLa is Ciara’s new BFF? Cake and Ice Cream

Ice-T and Coco want to share some relationship advice Crunk and Disorderly

Paris Hilton’s fake ID with video of her dancing worse than a white girl and calling people ni*gers (new) Dlisted


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The Diddy family including little girls D’Lilah Star and Jesse James snagged the cover of Hello Magazine in Canada. Cover ganked from YBF.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Kim Porter is smiling because ___________________.

Celeb Association: Reincarnation???

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I don’t know what Ray Charles did in his former life, but in the words of Young Joc…I KNOW you see it.

Rich Boy performed live on BET’s 106 & Park yesterday. It appears Ray lost all that talent and ended up with a mouth full of too many teefuses. At least he’s still in the game!

Guess The Hairy Rack??????

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Hint: It is someone we think is very talented and “real”. Click here to find out.

The Game ft. Kanye West: Wouldn’t Get Far

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Click here to see which vixen that is mentioned on this video is rumored to have been “fingered” by The Game at Jamie Foxx’s crib.

LeToya Luckett : Beyonce and Matthew Knowles Did Me Wrong

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On a new special to be aired on Entertainment Chanel “E!”, LeToya and LaTavia talk about what really went down when they were given their walking papers by Matthew Knowles. Letoya says she couldn’t pay her cell phone bill while Beyonce was driving a Jaguar after Destiny Child took off. Click here to watch the video.

Matthew Knowles says “since Kelly and Beyonce were doing all the singing, it wouldn’t make a difference if Letoya and LaTavia were replaced.” Beyonce can be seen on the video saying, “the bad seeds are now out of Destiny Child”. SMH, when you listen to Letoya, it’s hard to accept she was this evil and lazy person that the Knowles clan try to paint her as.

Back in 2002, a former Knowles associate filed a lawsuit against Matthew Knowles accusing him of blowing $32 million from Destiny Child on coke and hookers. Matthew Knowles admitted to Star magazine that he did have a history of using coke and spending money on hookers.

Quote of the Day: Clemson University Students

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Clemson University students after being investigated for recently throwing a rac*st-themed party:

“We invited all races and types of peoples and never meant any racial harm”…”We want everyone to know how sorry we are, and that we are willing to do anything to make things right”.

Click here to see some pics of similar college parties that have been making the rounds. Big shout out to Speeklife.

Paris Hilton is a Racist Coke Whore, Has Herpes

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I know, you already knew this already. More transcripts of the skank’s tapes are being leaked on the net and here are some of the gems:

I am a fat ugly Jewish b*tch … I’m a little jap-y Jew … I am a little black whore, I got fu*ked in the butt for coke … I’m a ni*ger and I’ll (unintelligible) … I’m black and I steal sh*t, Yo I’m black and I steal…

Click here to watch the coke-whore reveal how fake she really is. Gee golly, I wonder who taught her all that skankiness and racism. The Hilton Hotels family.

That’s the skank’s Valtrex herpes medication that was bought at her storage auction . Some smart folks bought her sh*t for $2,000 and flipped all the items in her storage for $10 million. Nice come up.

You know Kim Kardashian has kissed that b*tch and probably has the herp too.

Tyra Banks Has Low Self-Esteem

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This is a preview clip of the Tyra Banks show where she discusses her weight gain. SMH at her crying at the end. She looks pretty good in that swimsuit but why is she crying if her self-esteem is so intact? Tyra became a star by supporting the unhealthy thin look. Now she wants to be a “weight preacher” now that she has a talk-show, gained 40 pounds, and is getting cracked on. SMH. I can just picture Tyra 5-10 years ago crackin on some overweight fugly girl somewhere with her “top model” friends. You know she was starving herself leading up to that show and bought a new swimsuit.Click here and here for more preview clips.

Brandy Sued for $50 Million for Killing Woman

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Brandy was sued for $50 million today by the parents of the woman killed in a car crash. The parents allege Brandy was driving “recklessly” before killing their daughter. In other Brandy news, the Norwood family apparently have contacted some civil rights folks in Cali to pressure the L.A. district attorney to not pursue charges. I like how the only time you hear about race from some of these celebrities is when they are in trouble. SMH.

Former Source Magazine Owner "Tossing Salad" on Sex-Tape

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Ray Benzino, the former co-owner of Source Magazine can be seen in a newly leaked sex-tape tossing salad and sexing a girl in a bathtub . At least he wasn’t a “gangsta” or “aggressive” rapper who admitted he had his salad tossed. SMH at his jersey in the picture. Doesn’t he just look like someone who just eats *s for fun. That “Ching Chong Sl*t” over at Hot 97 better watch out, smearing “Killer Benzino’s” name by passing around this tape may get her wig pushed back.

Last year, Benzino accused Miss Info AKA ‘Ching Chong Sl*t’ at Hot 97 of “guzzling nuts” while she was a Source Magazine intern. Passing around a tape with Benzino tossing salad is the payback. Spotted at Crunk and Disorderly.


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On a slow news day, you can always count on Rihanna to have shown the world her crotch dance the previous night. Rihanna performed at the Wembley Arena in London last night.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Rihanna has just been looking _______________________.

At least Rihanna’s primary dancer likes her routine. Chris Judd, Kevin Federline, you will probably be hearing about this dude pretty soon. Those back-up dancers are notorious for the “come up”.

Thinking about it, I am pretty sure he has danced right up in Rihanna’s panties by now.

Study: Light-Skinned People Make More Money

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According to researchers at Vanderbilt University, “On average, being one shade lighter has about the same effect as having an additional year of education”…. “I thought that once we controlled for race and nationality, I expected the difference to go away, but even with people from the same country, the same race — skin color really matters”.

In Jacko news, his brother Jermaine wants him to convert to Islam. Jermaine says Jacko has been seriously thinking about becoming a Muslim.

Chris Rock and Kerry Washington in "I Think I Love My Wife"

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Chris Rock allows art to imitate life with his new movie I Think I Love My Wife which also stars a bangin Kerry Washington. Not surprising Chris Rock wrote the screenplay.

Easy decision here, you have to leave the wife and family or at least cheat.

The Game Says He "Fingered" Vida Guerra

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The Game was on the Funk Master Flex radio show in NYC and said he “fingered” Vida Guerra at Jamie Foxx’s house. He goes on to say that “it smelt good”. Click here for the audio. SMH@The Game and Flex laughing like some high school teens about the big accomplishment. The fact that Vida was over at one of Jamie Foxx’s popular sex house parties adds weight to The Game’s claim. If The Game fingered her, you know career-minded Vida let Jamie hit.


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