Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Beyonce Being Sued For Making Too Much Noise In The Bedroom?!?

"Beyonce Being Sued"

Beyonce can’t make everyone a fan! Some people would love for Beyonce to be shooting a video next door to their house but Philip Markowitz was not happy about it at all and is suing. While filming “Why Don’t You Love Me”, Philip claims that his entire day was disrupted and when he demanded money for trespassing on his property… Continue »

Diddy And His Two Cheerleaders Get So-Called Fresh With Photographer Derek Blanks

"Dirty Money - Kaleena - Diddy - Dawn"

Diddy and his two cheerleaders, Dawn and Kaleena, shot some new promo pics for Dirty Money with Altered Ego photographer Derek Blanks. You might as well call these chicks little Diddy protégés because they are getting paid to do absolutely NOTHING!!!

Pop the Top for a Peek at Dirty Money’s Album Cover Continue »

New Music: Bow Wow Does A Cop-A-Feel On Trey Songz In “Midnite Magic”

"Bow Wow and Trey Songz New Music Midnite Magic"

It’s not too many things Bow Wow can rap about and people actually believe it. So, it’s safe to say that most of his songs will always be about f**king girls, girls, girls. His new jawn “Midnite Magic” featuring freaky deeky Trey Songz is all about the licky licky sticky sticky…

Hate It or Love It?!?! Continue »

Heidi “G-Cup” Montag ‘Separates’ From Spencer Pratt, Is Their Mickey Mouse Marriage A Wrap?

"Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Disneyland photoshop"

MTV Attention Whore Heidi Montag took a break from her plastic surgery planning this week to post on her Twitter, “I am not Heidi Pratt, I am Heidi Montag.” By week’s end she made it clear that she is separating from her lunatic hubby. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

Twitter Files: Did Chris Brown Have A Fight In A Nightclub???

"Chris Brown leaves club MIA at Biscayne after a rumored fight 5.27.10"

Chris Brown was rumored to have been in a fight at a night club. Breezy took to his ole reliable twitter to deny the charges, but also hint toward there being an incident.

Pop it for a look Continue

Is Janet Jackson Hitting The Road? American Idol Appearance Sparks Tour Talk

"Janet Jackson Performs On American Idol"

Janet Jackson has some big plans in the works. BOSSIP has learned that Janet Jackson is considering going back on tour! Pop the hood for details. Continue »

* Exclusive* Blitzberg Boys “Get It Girl” Video Talking About Booty-Busting, Gaying, And Pill Popping

We debuted Blitzberg Boys globally, here on The L.A. based ‘new school group’ just sent Bossip another exclusive video of them and some rats… kissing up on each other… with talk of popping pills… and booty hole sex. SMH

Click Here To Watch The Video On

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How Gary Coleman Died, Plus Stars Pay Homage To His Legacy

“Diff’rent Strokes” actor Gary Coleman fell at his home on Wednesday May 26th, hitting his head. On Friday, artistic director John Alcante confirmed he’d been placed on a respirator and was unconscious. The spokesman for the ambulance, Janet Frank later announced that the ventilator had been disconnected and Coleman actor had died at 12:05. Reactions from the entertainment world when you Continue »

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

" Rihanna visits Jerusalem in Israel, where she bought some souvenirs at the Egyptian market after visiting one of the largest churches in the city"

Rihanna is out playin’ hooker in the Holy Land! Rihanna arrived in Israel last night and spent today traipsing around Jerusalem, visiting one of the city’s largest churches before going shopping in an Egyptian market. At least she had the decency to cover up some! Pop the hood for another twenty shots of Baphomet’s lil playmate Continue »

Caption This

"Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham were spotted partying at Club Play on South Beach with Al Reynolds"

Miami sure brings together some motley party crews! Basketball Wives’ cast members Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham were photographed partying with Al Reynolds out at Club Play on South Beach to kick off Memorial Day weekend. Pop the hood for shots of Rick Ross and Diddy, but don’t forget to Caption This! Continue » Links!

“Shatarka Nuby” Arrested For Stealing Identity & Using It For Underarm Liposuction: CLICK HERE

Still Thuggin In South Central: Man Beat Up And Robbed On Camera: CLICK HERE

*Bossip Premiere* Big Boi New Video For “Shutterbug”: CLICK HERE

Nick Cannon Talks About Losing Virginity To Older Woman And Mariah Being Pregnant: CLICK HERE

Diddy & Dr. Dre’s First Time Together Introducing Diddy Beats And Talking Detox Release: CLICK HERE

Army Probes Soldier’s “Future Gay Terrorist” Facebook Video Taunting Iraqi Kids: CLICK HERE

People Are Calling Little Wayne’s New Video “Da Da Da” A Rock Failure!: CLICK HERE

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HHWIRED Exclusive: B.o.B. Talks New Album & Working With T.I. And Eminem

"Atlanta rapper/singer/songwriter/producer B.O.B. talks Eminem and album"

B.o.B. is proving that Hip-Hop ain’t dead as his debut The Adventures Of Bobby Ray continues to climb the charts. Pop the hood to watch an exclusive interview with the rapper where he discusses working with T.I. and Eminem. Continue

SMH: Faux News Gets Out Of Pocket AGAIN!!! Calls Bret Michaels Health Problems A “Hoax”

"Bret Michaels wears all black and makes the devil hand gesture"

We’re used to “Faux News” getting out of pocket, but since they usually reserve their stupidity for rappers and our President, we were surprised they turned their hate on Bret Michaels and his recent health struggles. Click Here To Watch The Video

Some Afternoon Cakes

"Bangin' Candy model Tiara Harris Shows Off Her physique"

Caramel cutie Tiara Harris shows off that booty when you pop the hood Continue »


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