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[] Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, Christina Milian, J Cole, Shaunie O’Neal & More Speak On Beyonce’s Pregnancy
after the MTV Video Music Awards, celebrities were still buzzing about the news that Beyonce is pregnant. (Watch)

[] Most Muslim Americans More Content Than General Public
If you’re Muslim in America, chances are you’re happier with your life than the general American public. (Read)

[] No Regrets: 5 Things You Should Experience in College
This is for the young ones, who are enrolling in school for the first time or for those who’ve been there and done that and want to reminisce for a bit. (Read)

[] New Video: Lil Mama “Scrawberry”
Lil Mama is back with a new video, this time paying homage to one of her idols. (Watch)

[] Drake Loves Rocking Designer knitwear – Check Out His Sweater Swag
While attending the BMI Awards this weekend, we were in awe of Drake. It wasn’t the awards he won, including Songwriter of the Year, but rather it was his choice of gear. (Read)

TMI: Mel B Talks Getting Baby Number Three Out This Week And Tightening That Thang Back Up Afterwards

Mel B Talks Inducing Her Baby's Birth This Week By Any Means Necessary

With less than a week to go before she’s a mother for the third time, Mel B is being as excited and inappropriate as only pregnant women can get away with. Continue »

The Dancing With The Stars Cast Has Been Revealed! See Who Made The List

ron artest

The full Dancing With The Stars cast leaked yesterday, and some of the names are pretty surprising. Continue »

They Grow Up So Fast: A Photo Album Of Bey From Kid Singer To Superstar Momma


We don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but Beyonce may possibly be preggers. But that’s just a minor bit of news we’re sure nobody’s heard of. Continue »

Certified Links

Foxy Brown Speaks On Joint Album With Mary J. Blige (GO)

Rebecca Black Says I’m Not a Singer, I’m a BIKINI Model (GO)

Marilyn Manson’s Girlfriend’s Fake Flashing of the Day (GO)

What You Need to Know About Marketing Now (GO)

Janet Jackson Not Attending Michael Jackson Tribute, Releases Statement (GO)

My, Myself & Irene: 5 Things I Learned While Trapped in the House (GO)

The World’s Sexiest Supermodels — In Bikinis! (GO)

Bikini Babe Bar Rafaeli Teaches Us How To Dive (GO)

Big Sean Celebrates “My Last” Going Gold With Kanye, Estelle [Photos] (GO)

Alison Stewart Leaving ‘Need To Know’ On PBS (GO)

Shia LaBeouf Got Wasted (GO)

Statement Jewelry Is A HOT Trend Going Forward – See These Fun, Funky Baubles From UK Designer Lucy Hutchings (GO)

Sam and Deena from Jersey Shore Did A Commercial! (GO)

China Bans Music From Kanye West, Beyonce, Lady Gaga (GO)

Sebastian Bach Loses Home And Valuable Memorabilia To Hurricane Irene (GO)

Set The Record Straight: Angelina Jolie Opens Up To Vanity Fair About Secret Weddings, Adoption, And Pregnancies

angelina jolie vanity fair

In case you still cared about whether or not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting married or having more babies: Continue »

Blast From The Past: Gadhafi Family Photo Album With The Entire Fam Rockin The Old School Windbreaker Sweatsuits

Gaddafi Family Photos

NYTimes stumbled across these family photos of Moammar Gadhafi and his family from back in the day. Continue »

Destiny’s Child: Other Men Who Had A Chance To Get Beyonce Pregnant

While Beyonce has made every headline in the nation with the announcement of her little Jigga in the oven, there are a few men who should be kicking themselves for not being the baby’s father. Continue »

He’s Not Your Type: 8 Kinds Of Guys You Should Run From

I’m sure in this big world of ours, you encounter many men who try and talk to you. Continue »


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