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May 22nd, 2011
12:17 PM EST

Pure Comedy: Even Faux News Head Honchos Think Sarah Palin Is An Idiot And The Republicans Are Out There Fawking Up

Poor thang! It might just be time for Sarah Palin to take her maverick a$$ back to Alaska, where none of us have to worry about her at all anymore.

May 10th, 2011
9:20 AM EST

Divorces: It’s A Wrap For Maria Shriver And The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger

After 25 years of matrimony-dom, Maria Kennedy Shriver looks like she might be ready to chunk Arnold the deuces.

May 4th, 2011
10:20 AM EST

What The Hell?? Woman Sues Her Ex-Husband For $12M Because He Failed To Sexually Perform While Married


A woman is suing her ex-husband in Dubai for more than $12 million, claiming he failed to sexually perform during their marriage

April 19th, 2011
8:30 AM EST
April 18th, 2011
9:02 AM EST

Hi Hater: This Is One Dumb Republican Broad’s Idea Of A Joke

SMH… This doesn’t really surprise us either.

April 17th, 2011
10:17 AM EST

Donald “I Have A Great Relationship With The Blacks” Trump Says He’s The Only One Who Can Fix America

Speaking at a tax-day rally in Florida, Donald Trump talked a lot of sh*t about our President Barack Obama:

April 15th, 2011
9:04 AM EST
April 10th, 2011
10:33 AM EST

Kush Chronicles: Barbara Walters Is Pissed That Whoopi Goldberg Condones Smoking Marijuana

Whoopi Goldberg admitted recently that she was high as heezy at the Oscars in the early Nineties, and apparently some people are not too happy about that revelation:

March 17th, 2011
4:35 PM EST

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March 9th, 2011
12:37 PM EST

Perverts: Florida Congressman Being Sued For Sexual Harassment By Former Aide, Asked Her About Her Panties

Another day, another lawsuit…

A former aide has sued a Florida congressman — claiming he touched her, made unwelcome sexual advances and asked her about her underwear.