Race Matters: White Mayoral Candidate Suspended After Suggesting That Black Politician Swing From Trees “Like A Monkey” Instead Of Governing

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This bish was waaayyy outta line!

White Mayoral Candidate Compares Black Politician To a Monkey

Contrary to popular belief, the refusal of conservative politicians to accept the presence of a minority in a government leadership role is not a problem specific to the United States.

Former French mayoral candidate Anne-Sophie Leclere recently proved this to be true when she made a racially offensive comment towards French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira after posting a Facebook photo comparing her to a monkey.

via Huffington Post

France’s far-right National Front on Friday dropped a candidate for municipal elections due in March after she compared the country’s black justice minister to a monkey.

The anti-immigration eurosceptic party led by Marine Le Pen is desperately seeking a makeover to broaden its voter appeal and dispel its xenophobic image.

The National Front recently won a key by-election and is tipped to be the leading French party in European elections also due next year, according to a new poll.

Anne-Sophie Leclere, the FN candidate for Rethel in the northeastern Ardennes region provoked a storm by comparing Justice Minister Christiane Taubira to a monkey on French television.

She has also owned up to a photo-montage showing Taubira, who is from French Guiana, alongside a baby monkey which was posted on her Facebook page.

The caption underneath the baby monkey said “At 18 months,” while the one under Taubira’s photograph read “Now”.

The 33-year-old mother-of-three told France 2’s Envoye Special (Special Correspondent) programme she would prefer to see Taubira “in a tree swinging from the branches rather than in government.”

“She is wild,” Leclere said, adding: “I have black friends and it doesn’t mean I call them monkeys.”

This racist beyotch not only sounds unqualified, she also sounds downright delusional. Good riddance!

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