August 2nd 11:04am

Eyebrow King: How Damone Roberts Built His Brand By Giving Into His Talents

He had rock star dreams, but eventually gave in to his natural talents for beauty and struck it BIG. Here, he discusses his path to success.

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August 2nd 10:56am

SMH: That Family In St. Lucia Made Up The Whole Amy Winehouse Adoption Story

And here we were hoping that little Dannika Augustine‘s family wasn’t going to try to pimp her bond with Amy Winehouse.

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August 2nd 10:10am

‘Malik’ (Hosea Chanchez) Of The Game Drops Stereotypical Music Video “Booty Shots” [Video]

I think this is worse than Mr. Ghetto’s “Youtube Girl” yesterday!

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August 2nd 10:00am

Meet The Basketball Wives, Baby Mamas And Jumpoffs Of LA…Why The Hell Is Draya Michelle On Here??

VH1 has released photos of the latest batch of wives and hoodrats who will help them distort our daughters’ perception of what life should be about.

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August 2nd 9:42am

SMH: New Jersey Female Dunkin Donuts Employee Popped For Prostituting Herself On The Late Night Shift

Wow at the “extra sugar”: Police say there was more on the menu than Munchkins and lattes during the late shift at a Dunkin’ Donuts

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August 2nd 9:10am

Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Marc Anthony Being No Good, Hits The Playground With The Twins

If J.Lo was in any way, shape or form to blame for her divorce from Marc Anthony, we will never know about it. Know why?

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August 2nd 9:08am

Tocarra And Her Tig Ole Bitties Pose For Derek Blanks

Tocarra and her breastesess did a shoot

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August 2nd 8:28am

Eff A Bolitician’ Thug: Detroit’s Shady “Hip Hop Mayor” Kwame Kilpatrick Is “All Smiles” When Released From Prison

Man, this Kwame Kilpatrick cat was cheesing hard as hell when walking out of the state prison this morning:

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August 2nd 8:07am

Illuminati Files: Hov And Yeezy Play Their New Album For An “Elite Few”

Following his pop-up appearance at Hot 97 yesterday afternoon, Illuminati Hov and his “bay bro” Yeezy brought an opportunity to “Watch The Throne” to the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.

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August 2nd 8:02am

They’ll Definitely Regret These Decisions: Stars That Tattoo Significant Others’ Names On Themselves

Roses. Chocolates. A nice letter. These are how normal people show affection. But lunatics out there show their love by getting tattoos of their lovers. Umm…whatever.

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