December 20th 12:28pm

India.Arie Gets Sued By Ex-Manager For Being An Epic Fail Of An Artist

We can’t possibly understand how these two haven’t been able to Kumbaya it out over a few folk songs by the campfire.

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December 20th 11:43am

Regular Old Thang: Stars That Married Regular People…Did It Work?

Stars marrying stars doesn’t ever seem to work. What about when stars marry random regular folks? Does it work or does it fail?

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December 20th 10:32am

Seen On The Scene: Omarion Gets His Party On With A Beard…

Here are a bearded Omarion and his brother Orion doing their best to look like they were double dating with the Sachika Twins.

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December 20th 9:58am

How To Meet A Guy At A Bar Who Isn’t Just Looking To Get Laid

Here’s how to avoid the sleeze factor(s)…

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December 20th 9:54am

Pure Comedy: Sheree’s Making Music Now Too! Nene Leakes Diss Song “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo!”

While we can’t say the music to come from the “Real Housewives” cast members has been “sweet” thus far

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December 20th 9:54am

Reality TV Show Curse: 9 Couples That Didn’t Make it

Whatever the case, take a look at these 9 couples that fell victim to the infamous reality TV show curse.

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December 20th 9:36am

To Whom Does This Shiny New Toy Belong???

After the roughest year of his life, which included a near-death experience, this Miami native got an early Christmas gift from a very special lady over the weekend. Do you know whose car this is?

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