June 25th 9:36am

Dr. Conrad Murray Says “F Yo’ Charges”, Vows His Innocence And Refuses To Cop A Plea

Yeah, ok. We’re sure your tune will change if it looks like you’re about to catch a book!

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June 24th 6:00pm

Study Shows Women With Money Woes Want Girly Men

Pretty boys perceived as more generous? Who knew?

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June 24th 5:16pm

Working Your Nerves: 8 Co-Worker Habits That Make Us Cringe

They say that with family, you can’t live with them, yet you can’t live without them.

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June 24th 5:09pm

Exclusive: Olivia Talks New Love & Hip-Hop Cast Members, New Music And Not Fighting With Birds

Thanks to the success of VH1′s Love & Hip-Hop, Olivia is in the midst of a tremendous comeback.

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June 24th 4:07pm

Almost Two Years Later And We Still Miss The King: In Loving Memory Of Michael Jackson

Saturday June 25th marks the two year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.

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June 24th 4:02pm

R.I.P. Columbo: Peter Falk Dies At 83

One of the legends of television has passed away.

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June 24th 3:30pm

Put The Phone Down! You May Be Suffering From A Condition Called “Blackberry Neck”

Stare at your phone all day? Then you’re going to have some ugly problems later in life.

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June 24th 3:15pm

BOSSIP Tweetstakes: Enter To Win A Personalized Autographed Copy Of Terrance Dean’s New Novel “MOGUL”!

A few weeks ago we told you about some sizzling summer reading courtesy of “Hiding In Hip-Hop” author Terrance Dean.

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June 24th 3:11pm

Guess Which NBA Baller Is Smashin’ These Tatted Up Cakes To Smithereens???

This tatted up banger is currently boo’ed up with an NBA player who she shares a lot of common with…namely all that damn ink.

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June 24th 3:11pm

Everybody Hates Chris: A History Of People Breezy Has P*ssed Off

Chris Brown used to be the innocent, pop-locking boy that everybody loved.

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