May 18th 5:16pm

True Or False? More Black People Are On Twitter Because… We Are Starstruck Than A Muhfugga! SMH

Last year it was revealed that the number of Blacks were represented disproportionately on Twitter, and now a study has come up with another answer for why that may be the case.

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May 18th 5:15pm

Forbes’ Top Earning Black Celebrities

On the business publications’ list of the 100 most powerful celebrities, 16 African-American celebs broke the ranks with two of them in the top three. Can you guess who?

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May 18th 4:37pm

Solange Knowles Named Who What Wear’s “GIRL OF THE MONTH”

Solange Knowles was chosen as Who What Wear’s ‘Girl of The Month’

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May 18th 4:36pm

Isn’t He Married? T-Pain Says He’s In Love With Singer Ke$ha”, Follows Her To Vegas

T-Pain may be looking to make “beautiful music” with Pop singer Ke$ha now that he’s confessed his love for her to the world.

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May 18th 4:34pm

R.I.P. City Worker Crushed To Death On The Job By Mack Truck

Damn, what a way to go. A 59-year-old Department of Transit worker was killed after his co-worker accidentally backed over him with a giant truck.

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May 18th 3:49pm

Snoop Dogg Holds Press Conference In UK Strip Club; Announces Plans For ‘X-Factor’ Style Hip-Hop Competition Show [Photos]

Snoop Dogg was banned from entering the UK following a brawl between his entourage and security at Heathrow airport in 2006, but since the ban has been lifted he’s enjoying his time in England.

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May 18th 3:32pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web

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May 18th 3:28pm

Conspiracy Theory: Did The NBA Rig The Draft To Help Out Cleveland’s Sorry A$$es?

Looks like somebody thinks the NBA was up to some shady business.

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May 18th 3:11pm

Sh*t Gets Deeper: The Sperminator’s Shady Baby Momma Threatened To Go Public Four Weeks Ago!!

As crazy as this thing has been, it’s probably gonna get worse before it gets better…

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May 18th 2:48pm

Awww You Mad? Trina And Keyshia Cole React To Getting Snubbed By The BET Awards…Nicki Minaj Clowns The Show, Too!

With the announcement of the BET awards nominees making the news recently, it appears that a couple of artists aren’t taking too kindly to being left out.

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May 18th 2:00pm

More Than Just Athletes: 10 Business-Minded Players

When it comes to making money, they’re not playing.

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May 18th 1:29pm

Cry Me A River: Botox Mom Apologizes And Wants Her Poor Child Back…Like That’s Gonna Happen

Remember the woman that gave her eight-year-old Botox injections? She’s apparently now sorry for her actions. Boo-hoo.

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May 18th 1:08pm

All Hail The Greeks Part 3: The Sorority Edition

We’ve spent some time talking about the famous members of Historically Black Greek Letter Organizations, now it’s the ladies’ turn.

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