March 6th 10:05am

Perverts: 9 More Black Men Claim They Were Sexually Abused By Dead Boston Red Sox Manager In A 30 Year Time Span

Nine more men are accusing a now-dead Boston Red Sox clubhouse manager of sexual abuse

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March 6th 9:57am

True Life: If I Could Say Anything to My First Love, I’d Say…

Readers sound off on what they would tell their first loves if they could. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s heartwrenching…

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March 6th 9:49am

Some Royal Highness Swirl: Prince Harry Meets Lil Banger Miss Bahamas…”I Came Here To Fall In Love With Prince Harry” [Photos]

Sounds like Miss Bahamas wants to smash lil Prince Harry and his ginger self to smithereens:

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March 6th 9:15am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Sues AMC Theater Because The Refreshments Are Too Damn Expensive!!

Wow. At least someone is finally standing up to those super inflated movie concession prices!

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March 6th 8:52am

Ballers: Money Mitt Romney’s Wife Ann Says “I Don’t Consider Myself Wealthy, We Can Be Poor In Spirit”

Whatever beyotch, these Romney characters are worth at least $250 Million, and this heffa is talking about she ain’t wealthy:

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March 6th 8:36am

Lawsuits: Former Anti-Immigration Official Paul Babeu Sued By His Ex-Gay Mexican Lover For $1 Million

We bet Paul Babeu will never threaten to deport this guy to Mexico ever again!

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March 6th 8:21am

Are You Feelin Cassie’s Shirtless Swag?

Who cares about talent? Especially when you’re nice with the double-sided tape!

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