February 16th 8:57am

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Apparently this ad is putting people’s panties in a bunch:

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February 16th 8:44am

Knocked Up? Is Paula Patton Toting Another Gut Full Of Baby Thicke???

We could’ve sworn Robin Thicke said he and his wife were “one and done”…

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February 16th 8:35am

Former Chair Of Congressional Black Caucus Maxine Waters Calls The Shady House Republican Leaders “Demons” [Video]

In a nutshell, Maxine Waters states that these GOP folks are some clowns who do not have the best interest of the United States at heart:

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February 16th 8:18am

No Shorty Shorty No Shorty Nooooo… Guns At The Airport! Rapper Popped At Security With Fully Loaded Strap

Oh the irony! What are the chances a rapper named “Strap” will be caught strapped at the airport???

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February 15th 6:23pm

What Would A Reunion Say About Reggie Bush’s Manhood?

Men typically aren’t the type to give second chances, especially after they’ve been cheated on, and particularly when it comes to dating a woman who’s run through quite a few of our nation’s major league athletes

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February 15th 6:06pm

Ooh La La: John Legend’s Beard Boo Shows Off Her Slimmy Cakes That Her Man Probably Thinks Are Kind Of Yucky

Chrissy Teigen’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition pics have hit the net!

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February 15th 5:46pm

Jesus Take The Drugs! One-Time Pops 17 Texas Christian University Students And Football Players For Slangin’ Them Thangs! [Video]

SMH… We would have thought that at least the four football players would have learned something from watching Sam Hurd go down.

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