January 23rd 10:27am

Thirsty Perv Paparazzi Hounds Angela Simmons Cakes! [Video]

This dude is extra thirsty and extra!!! SMH

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January 23rd 9:54am

No Friend Zone: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate From Your Girlfriends

Don’t let your friend become your frenemy. Nip these issues in the bud early!

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January 23rd 9:28am

Another Day, Another Random Study: Falling Asleep After Sex Means You’re “In Love”

According to a new study, folks who fall asleep after boinking are more likely to be in love:

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January 23rd 9:17am

Random Ridiculousness: Woman Popped For Catching Fade In An Ohio IHOP, Slapped Victim With Metal Coffee Pot And Had Glasses Flying Everywhere

Dayum, you can’t even enjoy a little pancake and rooty tooty fresh n’ fruity action at IHOP in peace these days:

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January 23rd 8:55am

Rick Santorum’s Honorary Chairman Of His Fla. Campaign Says ‘Black Folks Won’t Vote For A Mormon’ And ‘Gays Make God Want To Vomit’ [Video]

Rick Santorum’s honorary chairman of his Florida campaign, Rev. O’Neal Dozier, is an interesting character with strong beliefs against gays and Mormons:

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