December 13th 9:42am

Eff A Thug: Serial Rapist Gets 428 Year Jail Sentence For Attacks On Five Women, One Victim Says She Looks At Black Men Differently Now

This guy is a real menace to society who will never see the outside of a penitentiary again.

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December 13th 9:36am

A “Lil Positivity”: Oprah Takes A Trip To Haiti To Talk To Sean Penn About How Things Haven’t Really Changed

Here is Oprah Winfrey getting a tour of the “temporary” tent camp Sean Penn‘s organization J/P HRO has been running in Petion-Ville, Haiti since January 2010.

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December 13th 9:30am

Shook Ones: Former Peen State Penn State Coach “Scary” Jerry Sandusky Waived His Right To Preliminary Hearing

We believe there is a very good reason that Sandusky and his lawyers pulled this little move…

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December 13th 9:26am

Lammy’s New Head Coach Rick Carlisle Says “Khloe Is My Favorite Kardashian”

How nice. Looks like Khloe and Lamar are getting warm welcomes from the Dallas Mavericks:

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December 13th 9:13am

Poor Thang: Lil Baby Face Mean Muggin Louis Bardo Bullock Isn’t Getting Anything For Christmas

Awww, that lil Cajun Cookie ain’t getting no presents from Sandra Claus this MisMas…no wonder him is crying!!

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December 13th 9:05am

Hot Couple Popped For Running Swingers Club In Wrong Neighborhood [Video]

But, who is that reporter in the news room? Lil banger, you!

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December 13th 9:05am

Celebrity Cribs: Baby Bump Bey Bey Blows Her Bread And Can’t Break Even In The Sale Of Her Beautiful Beachfront Cabana

With the economy still in bad shape, now probably wasn’t the best time to sell property. Just sayin’…

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December 13th 8:24am

#Winning Pt. 2: Women With Impressive Chop Down Resumes Of Their Own

We highlighted some guys with some high quality ladies in their resumes. But what about the ladies?

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