October 10th 1:11pm

Did L.A. Reid Just Put On His Red Cape And Save Ci-ERROR Ciara?!?

Only a few months ago Ciara was homeless…

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October 10th 12:27pm

Kush Chronicles: What Is Wrong With This Picture??

SMH at these “Pot Pops” getting everyone’s panties in a lil bunch:

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October 10th 12:12pm

Weave Wishes And Rachet Dreams!: BBW Tami Roman Get’s A Weave To Call Her Own…

Tami Roman has found something else to put money in her pocket besides scrappin’ with Meeka Claxton on Basketball Wives.

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October 10th 11:44am

Panic Time In Philly: Mike Vick And The Nightmare Team Lose Again! Is Their Season Over?

Things are looking pretty scary for the Eagles. What happened?!

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October 10th 11:29am

Angela Simmons Celebrates Her 24th Birthday…Again

Angela Simmons is still celebrating her birthday…8,235 days later.

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October 10th 11:00am

Family R’ We: Uncle Kanye Kicks It With Mama Beyonce And Papa Jay-Z In New York

On a cool and sunny Sunday afternoon in New York, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye hit up Intermix

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October 10th 10:52am

What The Hell: Former “Weezer” Bassist Found Dead This Weekend Tweeted Prediction Of His Death Two Weeks Ago

Rocker turned painter Mikey Welsh was found dead in his Chicago hotel room on Saturday at the age of 40. And he knew this was going to happen.

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October 10th 10:41am

Would You Hit This?: Malcom Jamal Warner Poses For The Camera In “Heed”… Click, Click, Click!

BET’s new show “Read Between the Lines” debuts on October 11th starring Traci Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner.

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October 10th 10:22am

What Is Wrong With This Picture??? Mel B Is The New Face Of … Jenny Craig?!?!

Are chubby lumpkins really s’posed to be motivated by someone who only has a lil baby weight to lose?

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