August 30th 2:06pm

The Dancing With The Stars Cast Has Been Revealed! See Who Made The List

The full Dancing With The Stars cast leaked yesterday, and some of the names are pretty surprising.

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August 30th 2:01pm

It’s Easy Being Green: 7 Innovative African American Environmentalists

Environmentalists have evolved from the tree hugging hippies making a case for preservation areas to passionate politicians who have no problems telling us an inconvenient truth

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August 30th 12:29pm

They Grow Up So Fast: A Photo Album Of Bey From Kid Singer To Superstar Momma

We don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but Beyonce may possibly be preggers. But that’s just a minor bit of news we’re sure nobody’s heard of.

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August 30th 12:24pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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August 30th 11:59am

Set The Record Straight: Angelina Jolie Opens Up To Vanity Fair About Secret Weddings, Adoption, And Pregnancies

In case you still cared about whether or not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting married or having more babies:

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August 30th 11:33am

Blast From The Past: Gadhafi Family Photo Album With The Entire Fam Rockin The Old School Windbreaker Sweatsuits

NYTimes stumbled across these family photos of Moammar Gadhafi and his family from back in the day.

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August 30th 11:29am

Destiny’s Child: Other Men Who Had A Chance To Get Beyonce Pregnant

While Beyonce has made every headline in the nation with the announcement of her little Jigga in the oven, there are a few men who should be kicking themselves for not being the baby’s father.

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August 30th 11:08am

He’s Not Your Type: 8 Kinds Of Guys You Should Run From

I’m sure in this big world of ours, you encounter many men who try and talk to you.

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August 30th 11:06am

Ballers: Madonna’s Cougar A$$ Is Shelling Out Almost $300K Weekly For This South Of France Vacay Crib!

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised this aging pop star spared no expense to keep her kids and young lover in the lap of luxury while on vacation…

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August 30th 11:00am

Justin Bua: Taking Hip-Hop Artistry To Commercial Heights

He’s after more than a brush with success.

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August 30th 10:08am

Were You Watching? Basketball Wives: L.A. Was A Hot Azz Mess!!! Old Broads Talking Mad Yang And Young BabyMamas Brawling!

The newest Basketball Wives franchise kicked off Monday night and we were sad to see when it came to drama the isht wasn’t no better than that original…

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