October 30th 12:21pm

Shady Defense Witness Says Michael Jackson Caused His Own Death By Giving Himself A Lethal Dose Of Propofol

SMH: Pop star Michael Jackson caused his own death, a defense witness argued on Saturday.

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October 30th 12:09pm

Woman To Woman: Have You Learned The Lesson

Life is full of lessons and learning’s.

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October 30th 12:00pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Gives Birth After Getting Hit By A Car, Then Dies

This is so sad: A 22-year-old pregnant woman, the victim of a hit-and-run this week, gave birth to a healthy baby and then died.

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October 30th 11:49am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

This is Amiyah Scott. Isn’t she beautiful?

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October 30th 11:46am

Congratulations: Lesbian Couple Crowned Homecoming King And Queen In Cali

Two California high school students became one of the first lesbian couples crowned homecoming king and queen in the nation this weekend.

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October 30th 11:33am

Watch The Throne Tour Opens In Atlanta [Photos]

The Hip-Hop duo opened what could of possibly been the most anticipated hip-hop tour of the year

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October 30th 10:28am

Hi Hater: Weezy F. “I Got A Lot Of Babies” Says He Will Never Listen To Watch The Throne And Isn’t Satisfied With Nicki Minaj

Well someone sounds a bit bitter…here is what Lil Wayne had to say in regards to Yeezy and Hov’s beloved WTT and his protege Onika Maraj:

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October 30th 10:07am

Some Hollyweird Halloween Fun: Check Out The Costumes And Vote For The Best!

The celebs were out last night stuntin in their lil Halloween get ups.

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October 29th 5:09pm

“Assemble Your Clan” For A Chance To Win $2,500!

Global Grind Wants You To “Assemble Your Clan” To Win $2,500! Check out GlobalGrind’s Assemble Your Clan game where you can put together your very own Iron Fists Clique by picking friends from Facebook for a chance to win $2,500. All you have to do is pick up to 4 friends that fit the bill.…

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October 29th 4:11pm

16 NYPD Officers Indicted In Corruption Case

16 New York police department officers are being indicted now that they’ve been named in a lengthy corruption case.

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