April 13th 4:51pm

Good, Bad & Ugly: When Rappers Get Shoe Deals

There was a time when having endorsements was called selling out for rappers. That time has passed and rappers are attaching their names to anything they can. Including shoes.

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April 13th 4:48pm

Best/Worst Haircuts In The History Of Sports Part 1 [Pics]

For years athletes’ hairstyles have been as famous as their sometimes legendary/infamous performances, for better or for worse.

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April 13th 4:29pm

Way to Teach Ashley Judd a Lesson! Now, How Are We Better For It?

It is painful to watch thousands of black women commit suicide everyday. I’m not talking about the quick, shoot yourself, or take some pills kind of suicide; I mean the slow, agonizing death that comes with allowing ourselves to be degraded, objectified, used and abused, then fighting so hard against our own best interest for…

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April 13th 4:12pm

Lil Scrappies: Female Celebrities Accused Of Fighting

While some celebrities are known for staying out of headlines with their squeaky clean images and good manners,

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April 13th 3:32pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

BET Announces New Series Starring Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner (GO) Why Getting a Tax Refund Check is NOT a Good Idea (GO) Why Mr. Cee Matters (GO) Justin Bieber is Fulfilling Prophecies Now (GO) Lil Wayne Tames Cougar Rumors (GO) The Ultimate Bridesmaids Checklist: What Your Mother Never Told You (GO) Anderson…

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April 13th 2:22pm

Rumor Control: Toni Braxton Says Lupus Is The Reason Her Bank Account Is No Longer On Swole

Poor Thang… Toni Braxton is tired of people thinking she’s bankrupt from balling out of control.

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April 13th 2:00pm

Why Are Anti-Abortion Billboards Targeting Blacks?

Britney Monroe says she was “in the hood” of her native Chicago when she looked up and saw it. There, in bold letters, she saw for the first time the billboard that had gotten so much media attention: “The Most Dangerous Place for an African American Child is in the Womb.” “I had mixed feelings,”…

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April 13th 1:49pm

Some Daddy-To-Be Preciousness: Nick Cannon Records A Tune Dat For Dem Babies

Awww, we can’t even hate on Nick’s excitement about his unborn double bubble of Mimi.

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April 13th 1:45pm

What The Hell?? Lady Gaga Has Five Nipples In Her New Harper’s Bazaar Spread

Lady GaGa is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar looking a dare we say…normal.

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April 13th 1:42pm

Quote Of The Day: Adele On Being A Thicky Thickums “Even If I Had A Good Figure, I Don’t Think I’d Get My T*ts And A*s Out For No One!”

Rolling Stone magazine’s latest cover lady, Brit singer Adele shared her interesting philosophies on weight and we think they’re pretty fawkin’ hilarious.

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April 13th 12:48pm

You Can’t Be Serious: Another Drunk Baby Reported At An Olive Garden Near Orlando!

This makes the second one this week, people need to pay better attention.

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