April 6th 11:47am

Baby Bump Beauties: Celebrities Who’ve Posed While Pregnant

For some ladies nothing is more precious than showing off their growing bundle of joy

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April 6th 11:40am

How To Actually Enjoy Dating

All the single ladies out there know that delving back into the dating pool can be a little scary

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April 6th 11:30am

Diamonds Are For Courtrooms: The Camel Catches Another Case Behind His Infamous Illuminati Hand Signal

Anyone who ever used a diamond wants in on that Roc money. We wouldn’t be surprised if Liz Taylor sues Hovi Hov posthumously…SMH

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April 6th 11:11am

New Study Singles Out Blacks: You Mutha F**kas _________

Another day, another study profiles the whole African American community. What are they saying this time?

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April 6th 10:02am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Both Aubrey O’Day and Tori Spelling were seen at events recently. For some reason, something looks a lil off in both of these pics, but we can’t quite put our finger on it.

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April 6th 9:57am

Some Humpday Fkery

Happy Wednesday!

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April 6th 9:33am

Fill In The Blank: President Obama Will Be Working With _________ On His 2012 Re-Election Campaign

We get what you’re trying to do sir, but you may want to reconsider this thing.

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April 6th 9:17am

Random Ridiculousness: The Bald-Headed Beast Seen Leaving The Hair Shop With Them Thighs On Full Blast-Ski

Last time we checked, Amber Rose didn’t have any hair or weave for that matter,

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April 6th 9:05am

Quote Of The Day: Toya Carter Says She’s ‘Much More Than Just Weezy’s Baby Mama’

We can’t imagine why anyone would take issue with constantly being associated with a syrup slurping, blunt totin,’ ex-convict father of four (by four) with tattoos all over his face…

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April 6th 8:59am

When No One Knows What To Do With The Checks: The Federal Government Could Be Shut Down By Friday

And, of course, the Republicans and their need to fight President Obama at every turn are behind it.

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