August 12th 9:13am

Lawsuits: Johnny Gill Being Sued For Going Ham On Twitter When A New Song Of His Leaked

Bet Johnny wished he would have never pressed ‘SEND’ now huh?

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August 12th 8:55am

Isht Is Real In Mexico: Police Nab Mexican Gang Leaer Responsible For The Deaths Of 600 People

Mexican police arrested the suspected leader of a brutal drug gang

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August 12th 8:45am

Get Ya Gear Up: Some Notably Embarrassing Failed Celebrity Clothing Lines

Yesterday, we highlighted some celebrity sneakers that embarrassed everyone involved. Well, that’s not the only area where celebrities have stumbled.

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August 12th 8:38am

“It Wasn’t Me”: Lisa Raye Denies Having Stacey Dash Fired From “Single Ladies”

Despite rumors of an on-set spat during the production season, Lisa Raye says she didn’t have Stacey Dash fired

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August 11th 7:00pm

Tech Spotlight: Bonita Coleman Stewart, VP US Sales at Google

Starting in the automotive division she’s been driving sales ever since.

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August 11th 6:29pm

Arrests: Former Playboy Playmate Popped For Packin’ Pistols Through The Airport

She was definitely holdin them thangs!! A Playboy Playmate was jailed after trying to board a plane with a loaded gun. Glamour model Shanna Marie McLaughlin, who was Playboy’s Miss July 2010, was arrested at Orlando International Airport on Monday evening after agents searched her bag and found a revolver. When she put the duffle…

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