December 20th 5:08pm

Meek Mill On Mixtape With Wale and Debut Album

Philadelphia resprenting rapper Meek Mill is indisputable one of the hottest MCs in Hip-Hop right now.

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December 20th 5:02pm

Reality Report: Tami Roman Says That Lawsuit Is BS And Explains Why She Doesn’t Owe Her Shady Ex Manager Isht!!

We’re sure that it won’t take too long for it to become pretty obvious to Tami’s former manager that he wants no part of her.

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December 20th 4:43pm

Isht Happens: 55-Year-Old Man Defecates In Bank Parking Lot Right Before Robbing It

Word??? Bank robbers are dookying in the parking lot before they rob banks now?!?!

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December 20th 4:14pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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December 20th 3:57pm

ChitChatter: Khloe Kardashian Thinks Vanessa Bryant Is A Bougie Beyotch!

Guess not all the basketball wives are standing in Vanessa Bryant’s corner…

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December 20th 3:21pm

How To Spot A Ball Buster

She seems friendly. But then, you walk up to her, you rehearse your practiced line and…uh oh…you’ve got a Ball Buster on your hands.

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