October 14th 7:31pm

Mom Doesn’t ALWAYS Know Best: 9 Things That Aren’t Always True

Have you heard of any of these “what the hell?!?”comments from your mom or other female family members??

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October 14th 4:29pm

The Unstoppable Maybach Empire: The Artists Of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group

Hip-Hop was shaken up when news broke that Rick Ross was unconscious after suffering a seizure on an airplane Friday afternoon.

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October 14th 3:32pm

“The Prestigious KING Magazine” Brings Us Fan Favorite Cakes For Their November Issue

The fine folks at KING Mag have again provided us with high-quality art that is culturally relevant.

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October 14th 2:56pm

Lockout Woes Continue: David Stern Says We Might As Well Cancel Christmas Games

David Stern has been making his media rounds today and said that he’s doubtful about a the NBA coming back by Christmas. Damn, Damn, DAMN!!!!

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October 14th 2:55pm

Who Is My Rapper Daddy?

This little girl’s father has been a factor in Hip-Hop for a minute now. Some of you just figured it out on Tuesday night. Do you know who he is?

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