March 10th 9:00am

What The Hell??? Teenager Tries To Murder Pregnant Friend In An Attempt To Snatch & Steal Her Unborn Baby

Jesus take the wheel on this one: A Valley teen has been arrested after being accused of plotting to kill her pregnant friend and steal her unborn baby.

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March 10th 8:29am

Poor Thang: Kanye West Not Invited To Runway Shows During Paris Fashion Week, Acts A Fool

Damn, Mr. Louis vuitton Don was not even invited to the Louis Vuitton show during Paris’ Fashion Week:

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March 10th 8:27am

A Lil Positivity: Bugsy Gives His Gadhafi Gig Goods To UNICEF

Not to be outdone by Beyonce, Mariah Carey or Usher, Fiddy is also paying his “blood money” forward.

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March 10th 8:24am

Dayummmm, Nicole Murphy’s Body Is Bangin!!

Here is Nicole Murphy mobbing through Beverly Hills with her bangin-a*s-body-after-pushing-out-5-kids steez in full effect.

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March 10th 7:53am

Know Your Tequila. “Tequila Don Julio” Sets The Bar For Crisp, Clean, Luxury Taste

Know your tequila. Don Julio is the essence of heritage, quality, and authenticity.

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March 10th 6:57am

SMH: BronBron And Bosh Beef Brewing In Miami???

Man, these guys are acting like a bunch of broads:

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March 10th 4:28am

We’re All The Way DONE!!!: 83 Year Old Greeter At Walmart Tries To Rob The Store

This sh*zzz is just ri-dayumm-dic-cu-lous. An 83 year-old man working as a greeter at Walmart got the bright idea to rob his place of employment…

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March 10th 1:09am

Exclusive: Page Six Magazine Manipulated Breezy Quotes To Sell More Copies

Yesterday afternoon, the buzz machine behind the New York Post’s Page Six Magazine released an “exclusive” quote from their big Chris Brown feature

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March 9th 7:09pm

Dear Bossip: I Hate His Mother!

Bossip I love my man but I hate his mom!! I don’t know what to do about it because I feel like I’m losing the battle. I’ve been with my man for about 6 months and I know we’re going to be together forever but his mom is in the way!!! I realize that we…

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March 9th 5:46pm

Kings Fall Apart: LeBron James’ Most WTF Moments

Face it, kids: Lil Bron and The Eastside Boyz suck this year.

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March 9th 5:39pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Ambassador Susan Rice Speaks To Young Women’s Leadership School In Harlem

Ambassador Susan Rice, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations,

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March 9th 5:06pm

Happy Birthday Bow Wow: A History Of The Rapper’s Bangin Beauties

Today marks the 24th birthday of Shad “Bow Wow” Moss,

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March 9th 4:53pm

This Is The Best We’ve Seen Britney Spears Look In A Minute

Britney Spears shows off her little crotch tats and cakes for Out magazine.

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March 9th 4:42pm

When Pigs Fly: Now Charlie Sheen Claims His Special Brand Of Crazy Is Just An Act

Unlike the rest of us, Charlie Sheen seems to have been oblivious to how his “bi-winning” and “goddess”-fawking could eventually impact his life in the real world.

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