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For the first time since becoming a popular TikTok food critic, Keith Lee is truly disgusted with the food he was asked to try. In his latest video, Lee gagged while trying a side of collard greens, leaving fans perplexed about how the restaurant, Lillie Bells Cuisine, could mess up Keith Lee’s food.

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In 2023, the father of two embarked on a tour across the United States with his family. His goal was to try different local restaurants in major cities and rate their food, bringing more business to places that may need the extra exposure. This year, in 2024, Keith Lee is taking his “FamiLee Food Tour” back on the road, hopefully providing redemption for areas that underperformed on the last tour.

While on a stop in Southfield, Michigan, Lee received a direct message suggesting he try Lillie Bells Cuisine. Following the suggestion, he bought $90 worth of food for himself and his family. The former MMA fighter stated he bought three plates and had to wait for over 90 minutes, but he attributed it to the small space the restaurant is working in. He ordered lamb chops, turkey chops, fried turkey chops, chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, greens, and cornbread.

What Was So Nasty About Lillie Bells Cuisine?

Before trying the food, Lee paused the review, stating, “I wasn’t able to be as constructive as I would have liked to be, but my intentions were honest, and I repeat as always, I don’t mean no harm. This is one of the most roller coaster reviews I’ve done.”

Resuming the review, he dug into some of the meat he purchased, which had decent reviews. He then moved on to the collard greens, the culprit of this food review. After tasting a fork full of the greens, a look a disgust appeared on his face. He then opened his car door and spit out the food, gagging over the taste.

After gaining his composure, he stated, “To be honest with you, that’s one of the worst things I’ve had in a long time. It’s extremely pungent, it’s strong, it’s a taste that don’t taste like greens. I’ve no idea what that is, to be honest with you. I don’t mean no harm, but that’s a zero out of ten if you ask me.”

The TikTok star later stated he had no appetite to try anything else on his plate, ending the review there. The video’s comment section was buzzing with inquiries as to how Lillie Bells messed this up. Some users were surprised at Lee’s reaction, inferring that the greens must have been really disgusting. Other users wondered if Lee just received a bad batch. Comically, users suggested that the restaurant should go ahead and close down.

Lillie Bells Stands Behind Their Recipes

After Keith Lee posted his review, Lillie Bells responded positively to the somewhat negative review. According to Atlanta Black Star, they posted a video to their TikTok account with the caption, “Its all good Keith Lee thanks for stopping by! Our greens are one of our top selling sides.”

The restaurant also took the time to respond to some commenters asking about their recipe, “They were cooked that day and we tasted them before they were sent out. Everyone’s palate is different.”

Hopefully, Lee will have better luck in the next city!


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