October 21st 3:03pm

For Those Living The Struggle: Ten Best Cities To Find A Job

Believe it or not, there are still jobs to be had in this economy.

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October 21st 2:57pm

“Love & Hip-Hop” New Addition Yandy Smith Speaks On Televised Beef And How Crazy Chrissy Lampkin Is Looking For “An Evelyn Moment”!

Ever since the super-trailer for the second season of Vh1’s “Love & Hip-Hop” was released, people haven’t been talking nonstop about the impending DRAMA!

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October 21st 2:27pm

Could You Date THIS Man?

From the mama’s boy to the man with bad hygiene, what are you willing to deal with?

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October 21st 1:18pm

X Factor Season 1 Promo Shots (A Must-See: Extraordinary Styling by June Ambrose!)

To see all the hot X-factor fashion pics – Click here

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October 21st 1:15pm

Mathew Knowles Tried To “Give Away” His Illegitimate Child To Beyonce & Jay-Z To Raise As Their Own?!?!

This week’s Star Magazine is “reporting” that Baby Daddy Matty Knowles was trying to be shady with his illegitimate seed:

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October 21st 12:25pm

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