August 9th 2:16pm

A Little Hope: The Stock Market Looks To Be Recovering…Crisis Averted?

Okay, so we may not be in financial armageddon after all.

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August 9th 2:02pm

Baby Bron Bron Lays Down The Law About This Rumored NBA Lockout

Bump what Melo, Kobe and ‘em are talking about: the only thing LeBron James is getting ready for is that 2011-2012 NBA season

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August 9th 1:19pm

How King Magazine Lost Its Crown

In its heyday, KING reached a circulation of over 271,000. Its demise in 2009 saw the end of a rare, black-owned entity. Former KING editors describe an environment within Harris Publications that sought to push the magazine away from its content complexity

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August 9th 12:47pm

Model Behavior: Dominican Banger Arlenis Sosa Covers Arise Magazine

Here is Dominican model Arlenis Sosa looking quite bangerific on the cover of Arise Magazine.

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August 9th 12:25pm

Dirty Dog Diaries: The Sperminator Throws More Shade At Maria With His Childish Shirt

Arnold needs to get it together and stop throwing shade on his poor ex-wife.

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August 9th 12:16pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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August 9th 12:03pm

Clean Up In Aisle 3! Man Accidentally Shoots His…Um…”Member” Off In A Grocery Store

Well, this is possibly the worst grocery shopping experience we can imagine between a man and his girlfriend.

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August 9th 11:53am

Falsetto Bars: Famous Singers Turned Rappers

A slew of singers have tried their hands at the rap game, some successfully, others not so much.

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August 9th 11:25am

The Anatomy of The London Riots: Thuggery, Recession, Race

Confused about why London is burning? Check out this breakdown and gallery of how and why the violence erupted.

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August 9th 10:39am

ATLANTA Readers: BOSSIP Wants To Treat You To One Of The Most Talked About New Movies Out – “Attack The Block”

You ever wonder what would happen if an alien invasion hit the projects instead of coming down on downtown L.A., Washington D.C. or NYC?

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