August 1st 12:00pm

Hate It Or Love It: Breezy Drops New Mixtape Cover Featuring Himself As A Soulja Boy Look-Alike

This is the cover for Chris Brown‘s new “Boy In Detention” mixtape, which he apparently drew all by himself.

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August 1st 11:58am

Dear Bossip: We’re In Our 60s & And My Wife Has Been Cheating For The Past 5 Years

Dear Bossip, Why is it so hard for a Black man to get over the cheating when his wife commits adultery? 

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August 1st 11:43am

Cassie Doing What She Does Best…Covers Status Magazine

Here is Cassie on yet another magazine cover…this time it’s “Status” You likey??

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August 1st 11:17am

Clearance Rack: 10 Producers Who’ve Been Sued Over Samples

It’s almost like a rite of passage, in order to become a super-producer, you have to be sued for illegal use of a sample at least once—or at least that seems to be the case.

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August 1st 11:00am

The Business of Dead Rappers

Long after their early deaths, their music and images continue to sell.

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August 1st 10:32am

Blast From The Past: Debbie Gibson And Tiffany Try Pulling A NKOTBBSB Style Comeback

Remember them? This is how you know the recession is still bad…

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August 1st 9:45am

What The Hell??? Principal At High School For Immigrant Children Uses Students As Her Own Personal Day-Laborers

Seriously, who chooses these people they want us to entrust our children to???

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