February 25th 12:08pm

50 Cent Movie “Things Fall Apart” Premiering In Miami Film Festival

50 Cent underwent a serious weight-loss transformation for his role in the film, Things Fall Apart, and finally the world will get to see if the sacrifice paid off.

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February 25th 11:58am

Freaks: Christina Aguilera Caught Having Sex With Boyfriend In A Bathroom At A Party

Won’t be first time, and damn sure won’t be the last…

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February 25th 11:00am

Sole Providers: 9 African-American Shoe Designers You Should Know

Black men and women are behind some of the most finely crafted footwear on the market.  A few have always known that they wanted to design shoes, some stumbled upon the industry while tending to other business, still others were recruited by loved ones eager to establish an entrepreneurial outlet for their artistry.  Whatever brought…

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February 25th 10:34am

Husband Jumps Off An 80 Foot Cliff To Evade Police And Questions About His Wifes Murder!

Any detective worth his or her badge should pretty much assume that this guy is guilty as sin.

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February 25th 9:54am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is Sammy “Soft White” Sosa spotted out with some lovely ladies.

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February 25th 9:53am

For The Fellas Still Holding On To Those Rudy Huxtable Fantasies

Keisha Knight Pulliam is Rolling Out Magazine’s latest cover model.

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February 25th 9:33am

Crazy Couple Popped For Using A TASER To Discipline 13-Year-Old Boy, Charged With Child Abuse

Wow…there must be something in the Florida water making all these folks do crazy ish: A Florida couple who allegedly zapped a 13-year-old boy in their care with a stun gun to discipline him have been charged with child abuse

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February 25th 9:01am

Poor Thang: Miley “Teenage Skank” Cyrus Is Hurt & Deeply Upset By Her Father’s Comments

Billy Ray’s words regarding his fast a$s daughter has hurt her feelings: Billy Ray Cyrus has been speaking out candidly about the toll that fame has taken on his family, especially daughter Miley Cyrus.

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February 25th 8:53am

Coupled & Tatted Up: Keyshia Cole And Boobie Cover “Urban Ink” Magazine

Here is Keyshia Cole and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson

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February 25th 8:52am

Get Ready For Halle Vs. K-Fraudy Aubry Part 2

After all that drama her possibly racist, shiftless baby daddy gave her over shooting a movie in NYC for a week, Halle is considering basically moving there.

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February 25th 8:46am

This Guy Right Here Ain’t Sh*t

SMH: Authorities say a Walt Disney World employee has been charged with sexually assaulting a single mother he lured to central Florida by offering her free theme-park passes and hotel discounts.

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February 25th 8:36am

Seen On The Scene: J-Hud, Baby, And More Attend Essence Black Women In Hollyweird Luncheon

Jennifer Hudson and her cute little baby boy David Otunga, Jr.

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