December 13th 9:32pm

Update: Fantasia Gives Birth To Baby Boy Who Has No Parts Of Still-Married-Antwaun’s Name!!!

Fantasia Barrino and the unavailable significant other she still shares with the woman who sued her are now the parents of a bouncing baby boy.

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December 13th 8:28pm

Race Matters: Forbes Publishes “If I Were A Poor Black Kid” Article That Gives Kids From The Hood Advice On How To Succeed

For some reason, thought it was a good idea to post an article called “If I Were A Poor Black Kid.”

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December 13th 5:41pm

Pure Comedy: Derek Jeter Has Been Ho-Hopping So Hard He Sends These Broads Home With Parting Gifts

This dude needs to re-write the “How To Be A Player” guide…

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December 13th 5:36pm

Scary News Of The Day: Poll Shows That Obama Might Not Get Re-Elected!

Dear Lord, what would we do if Obama lost the election?!

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December 13th 5:21pm

Did You Know: Bill Collectors Can Actually Get You Arrested For Not Paying Your Shyte!

Of course we know none of you thought NOT paying your debt was legal. But did you realize that the cell phone bill from 2004 that “falls off your credit next year” could actually land you in a jail cell?

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