October 31st 5:23pm

We Love This Game: 10 Things Men and Women Really Dig About The NBA

Just a lil’ reminder as to why we need basketball back ASAP!!

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October 31st 5:00pm

We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People: The Biggest Publicity Stunt Faux-Relationships Of All Time

Stop the presses! Kimmy Cakes’ marriage is already over! Anybody else smell a publicity stunt? Well, she’s not the only one.

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October 31st 4:58pm

Beef! Shaq Describes A Time He Told Kobe He’d Kill Him For Talking Reckless

Shaquille O’Neal has got a new book coming out and you won’t believe what happened with him and Kobe! Details right here.

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October 31st 4:52pm

Thandie Newton Puts Vogue Magazine On Blast For Not Using More Blacks On The Cover: “It’s So Preposterous”

Thandie Newton is speaking up about Vogue magazine’s reluctant use of black women

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October 31st 4:07pm

Trick Or Treat: 5 Rappers To Dress As For Halloween

5 Rappers To Dress Up Like For Halloween

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October 31st 3:56pm

Update: Kimmy Cakes Issues Statement About Divorce, Official Divorce Papers Released

Kim Kardashian has confirmed her divorce from Kris Bumphries in a statement through the network that allegedly helped their short-lived union happen.

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October 31st 3:51pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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October 31st 3:37pm

Top 10 Halloween Costume Twitpics: The Good, The Bad And The Disgusting!

Halloween always brings out the slores or creative side of a person!

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October 31st 3:35pm

Congratulations, Earth: Our Population Is Now 7 Billion People!

The world’s population hit a landmark number today.

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October 31st 1:55pm

The 6 Most Difficult Men To Date

I’m not referring to men of a different religion, or ones that live far away. I’m referring to men at a certain point in their lives…

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October 31st 1:38pm

Lawsuits: California Tot Gets $10 Milli From Hospital Where ER Delays Caused Amputation Of Her Hands And Feet

This is such a sad story especially when you consider that permanent damage could have been avoided!

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