July 17th 12:03pm

Twitter Matrimony-dom: Chrissy Bosh And Adrienne Williams’ Wedding (Photos)

Chris Bosh and his lil miniature piece Adrienne Williams tied the knot last night at the Fontainebleu in Miami.

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July 17th 11:33am

The Irony: 61-Year-Old Colorado Woman Popped For Groping Female TSA Agent Facing Felony For Sexual Assault

SMH: Authorities say a Colorado woman who allegedly groped a female Transportation Security Administration agent

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July 17th 11:14am

The Side-Eye: 31 Of The 33 Chilean Miners Are Suing Their Government For Half A Milli Each…But It’s Not About The Money

Guess being trapped underground with a gang of dudes for two months doesn’t pay quite as well as one would expect.

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July 17th 11:11am

Are You Feelin Kelis’ Blue Bejeweled & Bedazzled Headpiece???

Kelis performed at the Bristol Gay Pride festival in Castle Park across the pond wearing this adorned blue headpiece

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July 17th 10:56am

In White Folks News: Little Harper Seven Beckham Makes Her Facebook And Twitter Debut

Victoria Beckham caught a late night/early morning photo of her husband and the new girl in his life last night.

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July 17th 10:54am

FOX News Slams ‘The Today Show’ For Chris Brown Performance,”He Beat His Girlfriend To A Pulp” [Video]

Although Chris Brown gave a record breaking performance Friday at NBC’s ‘The Today Show’, not everyone was happy about it.

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July 17th 9:30am

SMH: Casey “Baby Killer” Anthony Is Now A Free Woman

Man, this broad Casey Anthony was released late last night: Just after midnight, as hundreds of protesters jeered and called her a baby killer, Casey Anthony became a free woman.

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July 17th 9:09am

Albino’s Rock Pt 1: Thick & Cute Albino Covers Beyonce’s “Listen” [Video]

Me singing Beyonce’s listen. This song spoke to me in so many ways, and I finally got the courage to sing it for the public to hear.

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July 16th 3:35pm

Put On Blast: Mathew Knowles Blames BeyBey’s Camp For Bad Blood Between Them

Mathew Knowles doesn’t play when it comes to his career.

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