September 19th 8:47am

Pay Yo Bills! Swizzy Beaks Shows Baby Mama Number Three Them Child Support Checks

Clap it up for Swizzy Beaks for finally reaching an agreement to pay child support to the mother of his daughter Nicole.

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September 19th 8:33am

West Indian Woman Goes Crazy Threatening To Blow Up Radioshack Because Daughter Was Fired! [Video]

We Guess This Could Be Categorized As A “When The Checks Stop Coming In.”

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September 18th 2:00pm

Just Say No! Horrible First Dates To Avoid

Have you ever been asked out by a male companion expecting it to go supremely well, when it fact it turned into an utter and complete disaster?

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September 18th 12:46pm

Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton Cosigns Barack’s “Buffett Rule”…”I Think The President Is Doing The Right Thing”

Looks like President Barack Obama has some backers and cosigners for his plan to get the economy back on track:

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