December 7th 2:26pm

Hating Gone Too Far: Republicans Are Now Insulting Sasha And Malia Over Pearl Harbor

Can’t they just stick to insulting people 18 and older?

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December 7th 2:19pm

Breaking News Update: The Power of Twitter is Real! Missing NYC Teen Found #FoundJaniceLewis

This is Janice Lewis. The teen has been missing as of Decemeber 6, 2011 afternoon after she boarded the Uptown bound D train in NYC.

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December 7th 2:12pm

Some Afternoon Chocolate: Singer Q Parker Drops Another Fitness Calendar For A Good Cause [Pics]

Ladies, we know some of you might be tempted to let it be February for a few months starting now.

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December 7th 2:11pm

Poor Keyshia Cole: New Frankie Lons Music Video “Frankie Leg” (Keyshia Cole’s Mom) [Video]

We do not approve of this video and we are sure Keyshia doesn’t either, but… is that Neffe in there???

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December 7th 2:00pm

Bossip Certified Links

[] Republicans Want to Protect Black Women From Abortions What started out as a “New York” issue eventually became a national cause for conservative activists. Now, the Republicans are jumping on this “anti black abortion” band wagon. (Read) [] Ali Vegas- “Get To Kno Me” [Video] Ali Vegas was once one of the next promising…

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December 7th 1:13pm

Recession Is TOO Real: Another Tennessee Crib Burns Down In Town Where Homeowners Are Expected To Pay Firefighters Themselves

Ummm… Maybe this whole “Pay for spray” concept is just as stupid as it sounds.

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December 7th 1:08pm

Some Daddy Daughter Preciousness With Will And Willow Smith, Plus Her Visit To Jimmy Fallon [Video]

“Big Willy” Smith was spotted in Manhattan Tuesday with his lil precious pop star daughter Willow.

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