July 6th 11:34am

Forbes Lists Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actresses [Did Any Black Women Make The List?]

Forbes has released their annual list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood based on info from May 2010 – May 2011.

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July 6th 11:22am

Say What? GOP’s Jeff Sessions Says Proposed Tax Hikes For The Rich Is ‘Rather Pathetic’

These tea-baggin’ GOP folks are some of the most delusional sons of F’s.

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July 6th 11:00am

Basketball Wives: Uplifting? Seriously?

Maybe executive producer Shaunie O’Neal should watch her own show before labeling it as “uplifting.

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July 6th 10:58am

How To Tell If Your Girlfriends Are Jealous

Have you ever had that friend? Not the one who tells you like it is but the one who’s only happy so long as she is the one.

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July 6th 10:48am

Coupled Up Again: Justin Timberfake Is Back To Choppin’ Down Jessica Biel’s Fine Cakes

Jessica Biel must have that gushy good good ‘cuz after years of cheating rumors and miserable attempted monogamy Justin Timberfake has returned for more punishment.

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July 6th 10:18am

Stacey Dash Flosses Her Famous Forty-Something Bangin’ Frame For Runway Magazine

Stacey Dash is featured in the new issue of Runway Magazine talking about how she stays bangin’ at 45.

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July 6th 10:06am

Remember Us?? 14 Scumbags Who Gang Raped 11-Year-Old Texas Girl In An Abandoned Trailer Are Due In Court Today

Remember those nasty fawks who gang raped a young girl in Texas back in March??? Those grimy bastards are due in court today:

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July 6th 10:03am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Eminem Becomes The First Artist To Go Platinum Without Any Physical Sales Of An Album

Guess that shows everybody who thought Eminem’s ability to the dominate the rap game was gone… which includes us.

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July 6th 9:40am

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: This Trifling Broad Has Her Four-Year-Old “Helping” Her Reach World’s Fattest Woman Goal

Normally we reserve this title for babykillers and child molestors but we truly believe this monster is doing devastating psychological damage to her toddler

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