September 29th 9:39am

Hold Up, Whoa Dere: Amber Rose Says Wiz Khalifa Would “Beat The Crap Out Of Kanye!”

Ladies and gentlemen, the isht has finally hit the fan!!

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September 29th 9:32am

Thug Love: Jeezy Bunned Up With Breezy’s Old Girl At His Birthday Party

And here we were thinking Jeezy was in a corner drunk somewhere wishing he had kept his fading star hitched to Keyshia Cole.

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September 29th 9:29am

Who Is My Hollyweird Dad?

This precious young lady has an Oscar-winning Dad who has been acting since he was a teenager himself.

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September 29th 9:14am

Caption This: BALD So Hard Muhfugga’s Wanna FINE Me! That Isht Cray!

Coolio was “strolling along” the streets of Los Angeles on a fantastic voyage still rockin’ this same ol’ patch of hair

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September 29th 8:41am

Baby Bump Bey-Bey And Mama Knowles Takes Her New Exotic House Of Dereon Clothing Line Global [PICS]

Check out the style that Bey-Bey describes as “Global Nomad”

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September 29th 8:36am

Watch Herman Cain Ride On Black Voters: “They’re Brainwashed And Not Open Minded!” [Video]

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain says black voters have been “brainwashed” into voting for liberals, which hurt his chances as a conservative seeking the White House.

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September 29th 8:03am

SMH: The Obama Administration Is Still Fighting To Make Healthcare Available For All

When the general public received warnings about how long it would take for “Obama-Care” to kick in, we had no idea it would be because so many people would be against the idea

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September 29th 7:41am

Bad Girls Club New Orleans: Priscilla Is Gone For Beating Judi’s Face In, So Shelly Makes Moves On “Cheyenne” The New Girl! [Video]

In the limo, Cheyenne and Shelly get close while Tasha and Angelic laugh. Shelly jokes that Cheyenne is exactly what the house needed.

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