June 22nd 11:00am

Shaq Dreams Big When It Comes To His Future In Business

He rules out coaching but everything else is fair game.

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June 22nd 10:48am

Lawsuits: US Airways Passenger Flies In Lingerie; Meanwhile Black College Student Gets Kicked Off Flight For Sagging?

The hypocrisy! A college student gets kicked off a US Airways flight for sagging his pants but this guy gets to wear this girly a** get-up without question?!

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June 22nd 10:43am

Lookin’ Mmmm Mmmm Good… Even In A Newsboy Cap Eating Sushi In Germany Janet Jackson Can Still Get It!

Janet “Ms. Jackson If You’re Nasty” was spotted struttin’ in her red bottoms over in Germany.

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June 22nd 10:30am

How Long is Too Long To Wait For “I Love You”?

How soon into a relationship should you and your man be throwing around the words, “I love you?”

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June 22nd 10:22am

Will Smith Breaks Marriage Down For The Ladies: “All Men Need A Little Space… Remind Him What He Has”

Will Smith recently chopped it up with the good folks at Essence Magazine to talk about love and marriage from a man’s perspective.

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June 22nd 9:59am

Some Morning Preciousness: Angelina Jolie Brings Princess Z And “Tomboy Swag” Shiloh To Visit Papa Brad Pitt On Set

Big Papa Pitt received an on-set visit from his three leading ladies — er two leading ladies and one gender identity posterchild…

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June 22nd 9:38am

When The Reality TV Checks Stop Coming In: LaToya Jackson Is Back To Pimping Michael’s Legacy

Here is the cover of LaToya Jackson’s new book “Starting Over,” which came out this week…

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June 22nd 9:31am

Beautifully Coupled Up: Safaree Takes Nicki Minaj On A Hollyweird Dinner Date

Nicki Minaj and her “best friend” Safaree Samuel were spotted leaving Hollyweird eatery Katsuya with her entourage.

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June 22nd 9:26am

For Discussion: Middle-Class People In America Could Qualify For Medicaid

President Barack Obama’s health care law would let several million middle-class people get nearly free insurance meant for the poor

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June 22nd 8:45am

Southern Comfort: Black New Yorkers Moving Down South For New Life And Better Opportunity

Many African-Americans are leaving the big city lights in NYC, and trading it in for more space, comfort, and opportunity down South:

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June 22nd 8:32am

Which One Would You Hit????

Bruno “Yayo Face” Mars and John Legend partied in NYC

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June 22nd 7:57am

Welcome To The Puppy Show: Celebrities That Loooooove Their Cleavage

The Internet is a wonderful land full of bare boobies. But when celebrities aren’t willing to bare all, they go for the closest thing

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