July 13th 12:06pm

Not So Blind Item

This one seems a little bit obvious: This Oscar-winning actor is losing his reputation as a ladies’ man

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July 13th 12:02pm

James Harrison Sh*ts On NFL Commish Roger Goodell “I Hate Him And Will Never Respect Him”

Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison is known for his no holds barred actions on the field and he’s never been shy around a mic either,

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July 13th 11:46am

Gay: A Hot Mess On America’s Got Talent! [Video]

These guys are doing way too much. SMH

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July 13th 11:26am

Evelyn Lozada Exclusive Part 2: Proves Butt Is Real, Shows Off Chad’s Engagement Rock, And Talks Jennifer! [Video]

SMH @ Evelyn Lozada Proving Her Butt Is Real By Letting CJ Squeeze It. Go Here To See Part 1 And Evelyn Talk About Tami T-Shirts.

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July 13th 10:43am

7 of our Favorite Sassy on Screen Sidekicks

Whenever you talk about a sidekick in movies and television, the individuals that get named as some of people’s favorites are always fellas.

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July 13th 9:55am

In White Folks News: Old Head Model Cindy Crawford Flexes Her 45-Year-Old Cakes

Here’s everyone’s favorite model from back in the dizzay, Cindy Crawford, modeling for some new Deichman Shoes campaign.

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July 13th 9:30am

Who Looked More Bangin?? Tika Sumpter Vs. Jessica White

Jessica White and Tika Sumpter both attended the Remy Martin V Official Launch Party at LAVO in NYC last night.

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July 13th 9:05am

For Your Information: Studies Show That A Daily Pill Can Significantly Reduce The Spread Of HIV

If this pill is truly what they say it i it could be a major breakthrough for countries with a serious outbreak of the deadly virus.

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July 13th 9:00am

Are You Feelin Kelis’ Get Up??

Kelis performed last night across the pond at the Orange RockCorps concert.

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