October 31st 12:49pm

Amy Winehouse’s Posthumous Album, Lioness, Is Dropping In December

Looks like we’ll finally get to hear some new Amy Winehouse.

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October 31st 12:41pm

For The Children: Doctors Are Now Suggesting That HIV Testing Should Be Done Regularly Starting At Age 16

With these kids having sex younger and younger (and with teachers) nowadays, sounds like a good idea…

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October 31st 12:22pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere on the Web

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October 31st 12:14pm

Craziest Costume Of The Year: You HAVE To See This Lil Wayne Costume

This has got to be the wildest costume we’ve ever seen.

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October 31st 12:07pm

It’s A Wrap Already!! Kim Kardashian To File For Divorce From Husband Kris Humphries

For some reason we kew this wouldn’t work out, but damn…already?!?!?!?!

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October 31st 12:03pm

Occupy Hip Hop: 10 Of Hip Hop’s Best Protest Anthems

Hip Hop may seem like one big party but through the years, artists have used the medium to address some major social issues.

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October 31st 11:45am

Trick Or…Um…Trick: The Hoe-y Halloween Costume Hall Of Fame

Want proof that Halloween is just an excuse for people to dress like they’re on their way to the shake shack? Look no further than these celebrities in their skimpiest costumes.

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October 31st 11:33am

Random Ridiculousness: Slizzard Man Breaks Into Two Apartments, Stabs And Knocks Folks Out Trying To Find Beer

And on top of all that this guy threatens to kill a cop and “give him AIDS”:

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October 31st 10:58am

So Much For SuperUgly… Guess How Camel Got Pretty For His Concerts This Weekend?

What “manly” business did Jay-Z get into with Lebron before his “Watch The Throne” concert’s this weekend?

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