May 25th 3:45pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

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May 25th 2:50pm

Who Is My Crotchy-licious Kid?

This nice lady was spotted at Book Expo America where she picked up a book called “Heaven Revealed”. Can you guess who her own attention whoring lil angel is?

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May 25th 2:27pm

Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Spread Love In Europe And Baldilocks Gives Yeezy The “Ho Sit Down”

Amber Rose has been over in Europe for the past couple of weeks doing photoshoots and stuff while her “hubby” Wiz Khalifa does shows.

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May 25th 2:00pm

Should You Split The Bill Evenly or Just Pay Your Share?

How do you feel when you’re invited to a birthday dinner at a restaurant? Do you feel excited or does the thought of splitting the bill with ten other people make you uneasy? TAP takes to the streets of LA for thoughts on an age old question.

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May 25th 1:34pm

For Discussion: White People Believe They Are “Victims” Of Racism

Most of the white folks we know be swirling it up, but apparently the ones that aren’t are hating on America’s “post-racial” situation…

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May 25th 12:21pm

Certified Links

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May 25th 11:51am

Lauryn Hill Celebrates Her 36th Birthday

Today, the singer/songwriter/rapper/musician known as Lauryn Hill celebrates her 36th birthday.

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May 25th 11:10am

7 Music Comebacks We’d Like To See

Don’t you hate when someone comes along in music that has everything you’re looking for in an artist, and then suddenly goes MIA?

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May 25th 11:00am

BOSSIP Tweetstakes: Enter To Win A Hollywood Getaway Giveaway From Lil’ Mama And Bossip!

Lil Mama is celebrating the release of her new song “On & On & On” and she’s rewarding her fans with a Lil Mama x Hollywood Getaway Giveaway!

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May 25th 10:25am

End Of Days: ANOTHER Disastrous Tornado Rips The The Mid-West And Kills 15!!

The world might not have ended this weekend, but it’s damn sure ending!

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