November 17th 2:33pm

We Thought It Was YOUNG Money: YMCMB Signs Busta Rhymes And Mystikal!

Remember when Lil Wayne was calling out “old a$$ rappers”? Guess that’s out the window.

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November 17th 2:30pm

Hi Hater: Is Congress Trying To Kill The Internet?!

Call your congressmen and get them to vote this down before we’re all out of luck!

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November 17th 2:26pm

How You’re Trying TOO Hard To Meet A Man

If you try to meet someone everywhere you go, if you won’t go if you know there won’t be men there, if you’ve become a flirting machine, then we’ve got news for you…

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November 17th 1:59pm

Dear Bossip: He Told Me He Had Problems Getting Women Pregnant, Now Me & His Girlfriend Are Expecting

Dear Bossip, I’m involved with a guy that I’ve met 6 years ago.

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November 17th 1:18pm

Are Baby Bump Bey Bey And Hubby Hov Moving To Miami To Start Their Family?

Hubby Hov might have an “Empire State Of Mind” but it looks like the Knowles-Carters are looking to start splitting some of their time in the Sunshine State.

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November 17th 12:03pm

Busta Rhymes And 7 Other Eyebrow Raising Record Deals

With the rumor that Busta Rhymes is signing with record label Young Money Cash Money, the internet has been buzzing on whether or not they think this deal is a good one.

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November 17th 12:00pm

Win A Flyaway with AKOO & B.o.B To NYC

AKOO Clothing is giving away a trip to NY to see B.o.B. perform to a lucky reader!

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November 17th 11:39am

Don’t Get Struck Down! When Stars Call Themselves “God” And Other Blasphemous Acts

Momma always said “don’t play with God”. Clearly these celebrities never heard of that.

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November 17th 11:05am

Surprise: Car Thief Returns Vehicle After Getting A Sad Text Message On The Victim’s Phone

Somebody or something was definitely watching over this lady…

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