May 17th 4:06pm

Boo-Hoo: The Sperminator’s Son Is Feeling Sad And Blue Behind His Daddy’s Dirty Dog Ways

This fool Arnold went and broke up his happy home behind this hoe, so sad… According to TMZ reports: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 17-year-old son Patrick is sharing his feelings in the wake of his father’s scandal … saying he loves his family very much, but some days he just wants to be “normal for a bit.”…

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May 17th 4:04pm

All Hail The Greeks Pt. 2: Alphas And Sigmas

Kids, go to college. One reason getting a higher education is awesome is the ability to pledge at any number of Historically Black Greek Letter Organizations.

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May 17th 3:22pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

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May 17th 2:43pm

For Your Information: Supreme Court Says One-Time Doesn’t Need A Warrant If They Smell That Loud

Hide your kush, hide your purp. Especially if you’re in your own home.

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May 17th 2:00pm

Fear of the Blackface Minstrel

Do degraded images of African-Americans still pose a threat to the community?

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May 17th 1:36pm

The Short End Of The Stick: Starbucks Sued For Possible Discrimination Against A Former Midget Employee

Just because she short don’t mean she can’t make a mean macchiato latte!

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May 17th 1:25pm

This Lady Is Disgusting: Married Teacher Popped For Having An Orgy With Five Students At Her Home

These sexing up students on your free time shenanigans are getting way out of hand:

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May 17th 12:24pm

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