November 26th 11:36am

Some (Not So) Black, Friday Cakes

Good to see the “prestigious” King Magazine doesn’t discriminate when it comes to cakes!

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November 26th 11:29am

Celebrity Thanksgiving Twitpics Gallery

Here are just a few twitpics of folks who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and shared with followers via Twitter.

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November 26th 11:20am

Fawk This ITCHBAY!! Sarah Palin Is STILL Talking Yang Yang About Our Girl Michelle Obama

Sarah Palin has to be one of the most ignorant broads ever…who apparently cannot keep Michelle Obama’s name out of her mouth:

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November 26th 10:55am

Saving Face: Fantasia & Daughter Zion Hit Up Millions Of Milkshakes

Fantasia and her daughter Zion hit up Millions of Milkshakes the other day putting her “best face forward” despite all of the Antwaun Cook divorce/abortion/scorned wife mediation

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November 26th 10:50am

8 Reality Shows That Make You Thankful For Your Normal(ish) Life

Sometimes seeing someone who’s doing worse than you, makes you more thankful for your own life.

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November 26th 10:46am

In Old White Hoes News: Heidi Fleiss’s Cuckoo Nest Lights Up

The rural Nevada house ‘Hollywood Madame’ Heidi Fleiss moved to to try to escape crystal meth and become the crazy bird lady caught on fire yesterday.

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November 26th 10:36am

The 84th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (Photo Gallery)

Kanye West, Keri Hilson, Jessica Simpson and Gladys Knight were among the stars invited out for yesterday’s 84th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Check out loads of pictures below:

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November 26th 10:03am

Keri Hilson Really Wants You To Love Her

In case you didn’t want Clifford ‘The Inmate’ Harris on your coffee table, Vibe Magazine revealed the alternate Keri Hilson cover for their December/January issue. And that’s not the only way she’s pulled them in to her mission to make people give a fawk.

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November 26th 9:51am

These Thirsty Hoes Ain’t ISHT: Tiger Woods’ Skanky Beckys Reunite For “One Year Anniversary” Party???

According to Radaronline: Old mistresses never go away. That’s an unfortunate fact for Tiger Woods. Now, three of his ex mistresses are holding a one-year ‘anniversary’ party of Tiger’s infamous car-crash that led to the revelation of serial cheating.

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November 26th 9:24am

Joe Jonas Isn’t The Brightest Brother In The Bunch… Singer Flagged By Airport Security For KNIVES In His Carry-On

SMH. What kind of idiot packs KNIVES in his carry-on??? The kind that makes millions touring the world and serially dates Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Camilla Belle and Ashley Greene apparently…

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