July 20th 5:51pm

Fox News, Rap, Race-Baiting and Ratings

Manufactured outrage is too rich a revenue stream to pass up.

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July 20th 5:44pm

The Bossip Boombox: The Mixtape Edition

Music From Young Joc, DJ Jazz Jeff, Aleon Craft, Kevin McCall And Kendrick Lamar

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July 20th 5:43pm

Hate It Or Love It: Crybaby Que From Day 26 Drops New Video As “Anthony Q” And Guess Who Has His Back

Qwanell Mosley aka the originator of “B****a$$ness” doesn’t want to be known as “Que, formerly of Day 26″ anymore.

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July 20th 5:13pm

Ballin’!!! The Top 10 Most Expensive States To Live In (Number One Is Neither New York Nor Cali)

We bet the majority of you would have picked New York or California as the most expensive states to live in… Maybe Florida, on the strength of Miami alone.

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July 20th 5:07pm

Say My Name: 15 Songs Named After Celebs

Name dropping has always been prevalent in Hip-Hop music, but it seems as if rappers of today aren't just dropping names, they're dedicating entire songs to other celebrities, rappers, athletes, public figures, model chicks and infamous criminals.

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July 20th 5:00pm

Young Buck Is Mad Folks Don’t Buy His Music: New Young Buck Music Video “I’m Done With Yall” [Video]

SMH @ Buck Still Trying To Come Back From The Famous Phone Call With Him Crying To 50 Like A Schmuck…

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July 20th 4:52pm

Galleries: Alicia Keys, Diddy And Swizz Beatz At Swizzy’s Reebok “Reethym Of Lite” Launch

Hennessy Black sponsored the official launch of the Reebok “Reethym of Lite” campaign created by music mogul Swizz Beatz at espace in New York City.

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July 20th 4:19pm

I Want That Old Thing Back: 7 Obvious Signs That You’re Still Sprung on Your Ex:

Are you a creature of habit? Most of us are, but are you one when it comes to who you date?

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July 20th 4:15pm

Brandy’s Derek Blanks “Alter Ego” Looks A Lot Like Plain Old Regular Brandy

Here is one of the preview shots from Brandy‘s new “Alter Ego” photo shoot.

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July 20th 3:38pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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