November 11th 1:26pm

Quote Of The Day: “Is It A Win for A Black Woman To Squat On A Football Wearing Fishing Line For A Global Counterculture Brand?”

We showed you some footage of Vanessa Veasley’s Supreme Book Vol. 6 earlier this month.

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November 11th 12:19pm

Birdman Jumps Into The Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj Beef: “Kim Did It To Herself”

It seems the Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim drama continues, as Minaj’s label boss Birdman said some words addressing the rumor that Nicki’s new song with Eminem “Roman’s Revenge” was directed towards Lil Kim. In a recent interview with Vibe, Baby said: “Real talk, but maybe Kim asked for it. Usually we don’t try to…

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November 11th 12:15pm

Who Is Our Sugar “Daddy”???

This young lady was spotted back stage at the Soul Train Awards last night holding her son. She’s married to an super-old-head lead singer from an iconic R&B group….

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November 11th 12:00pm

Certified Links

Soulja Boy Talks Kat Stacks And Kids?! (GO) Carrie Prejean — With Child!! (GO) Lindsay Lohan Topless in Max of the Day (GO) Man Sues T.I. After Being Assaulted, Held Captive Over Killer Mike’s Chain (GO) White Barber’s Refusal To Cut Black Hair Sparks Racial Debate (GO) PHOTOS: A Call To Arms! Hollywood’s Sexiest Stars…

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November 11th 11:31am

If Hip-Hoppers Were Politicians: 12 Artists Who’d Reign in DC

The connection between hip-hop and politics has gotten significant media attention as a result of the election of President Obama, but the two have always been linked. With Wyclef who tried put his bid in for the Haitian presidency and Rhymefest running for City Counsel in Chicago, TAP wanted to play around with the question:…

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November 11th 10:23am

For Discussion: Should You Expect Your Man To Cheat If You Make More Money Than Him???

In Tyler Perry’s film “For Colored Girls” Janet Jackson plays the very wealthy, very successful, publishing exec Jo — who out-earns her pretty-boy husband. And he cheats on her BIG TIME.

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November 11th 10:05am

Now You Too Can Contribute To T.I.’s Commissary And Defense Fund

Since T.I. won’t be promoting his new album “Caged-Up King” “No Mercy” with the typical interviews, photo shoots and promotional appearances, his label Atlantic Record is offering fans the next best thing.

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November 11th 10:00am

The 100% Guaranteed Way To Make Any Man Love You (Forever)

So you finally got a man worth a damn.

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November 11th 9:38am

SMH: Amazon Pulls Guide For Pedophiles… After It Hits Bestseller List!!!

This is nuts… has customers in an uproar over their online sales of a title dedicated to helping pedophiles get their rocks off safely!!!

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November 11th 9:30am

Remember Me??? Piece Of ISHT Mom Whose 18-Pound 4-Year-Old Daughter Died Of Abuse & Neglect Charged With Murder

Remember that horrible hoodrat who malnourished, tied up, and beat her 4-year-old?? Well that fawked up clucker has officially been charged with murder: The mother of a drugged and malnourished 4-year-old girl who weighed 18 pounds when she died in September has been indicted on murder charges, Brooklyn prosecutors said Tuesday.

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November 11th 9:07am

Caption This

We really don’t get a) why Chris Brown would take this suspect azz picture or b) share it with anyone, much less the world. Maybe you can give us some insight. Pop the hood for more Breezy Twitpic action.

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November 11th 8:27am

Stop The Violence! Battle Between Brooklyn Toy Gangsters Leaves Two Teens Dead

SMH. These kids are out there making up gangs and taking lives.

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November 11th 8:14am

Which ‘Football Wife’ Is Already Done With The Celebreality Bullsh*t???

VH1′s “Football Wives” is only three episodes into the first season, and one of the actual wives is already saying she’s had it with the ratchetness? Can you guess which one? Here’s a hint: she didn’t need VH1 for TV fame or money.

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