August 25th 2:00pm

In Addition To MLK: Four Other DC Memorials Dedicated To Black Activists

The memorial to Martin Luther King Jr is set to be officially unveiled on Sunday. Although it will be the biggest monument in DC dedicated to a Black activist, there are a few others that need to noted….

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August 25th 1:38pm

Brown Is On The Rise: Minority Babies Are Now The Majority

White infants are on the verge of being displaced as the majority of newborns now that nearly half of babies in the USA are ethnic and racial minorities.

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August 25th 1:20pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture??? ESPN Makes A White Michael Vick And Asks “What If Michael Vick Were White?”

ESPN The Magazine thought it was a good idea to do a column called “What If Michael Vick Were White?”

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August 25th 1:16pm

New Black Kid On The Block: Donwan Harrell Is The Owner And Designer Of High-End Denim Line PRPS

This is a man with a focused vision and a knack for the unique, clap for him.

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August 25th 12:35pm

Dear Bossip: After Being Off And On For 8 Years, I Feel He Owes Me A Baby For My Time!

Dear Bossip, I have been with my ex off and on for 8 years (more off than on), and right now we are off. We’ve lived together a couple of times and we just don’t mesh well. And, for whatever reason we both seem not be able to leave each other alone 100% of the…

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August 25th 12:35pm

Caption This: What Is Blake Griffin Doing During The Lockout?

Ballers across the NBA are looking for something to do during the lockout. Blake Griffin seems to have found a fun gig for himself.

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August 25th 12:26pm

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