October 6th 1:23pm

“There Goes My BIG GIRL” / Usher Remix Parody to “There Goes My Baby”

Jules Da R&B Haitian Prince gives Usher’s “There Goes My Baby” a different spin as he serenades the Plus size women.

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October 6th 12:51pm

Dear Bossip: He Cheated and Left Me For a White Woman

Dear Bossip I have a major problem!! I was in a relationship for 3 years with a man that I was so in love with. We met at his best friend’s wedding and we started dating shortly afterwards. We made plans for the future and eventually moved into together after about a year and a…

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October 6th 12:25pm

Guess The Cheetah-Print Cakes

This songbird and her cakes took a break from her new job to prepare for a comeback of sorts. Think you know who it is? See if you’re right, plus more photos after the jump.

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October 6th 12:07pm

Random Ridiculousness: Elderly Woman Mistakes Superglue For Eye Drops And Seals Her Eye Shut

Poor thang: She reached for eyedrops and instead used superglue — and it happens a lot more often than you might think. Irmgard Holm had cataract surgery last year. She mistakenly reached for what she thought was one of her half dozen eyedrop medications — but the burning sensation that followed let her know something…

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October 6th 12:00pm

Bossip Giveaways: Enter To Win A Prize Pack Including A Microsoft Zune Player Courtesy Of Wish And Digiwaxx

Meet Wish, she’s a new artist hailing from Baltimore, MD with an amazing look and an even more unique voice. Wish is offering BOSSIP readers the chance to win an incredible prize pack

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October 6th 11:47am

Pledge Sues After Being Violently Hazed To Feel What “Ancestors Went Through In Slavery”

Sigma Gamma Rho is making headlines again for their hazing practices. And this time it’s because one of the injured pledges is taking legal action!

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October 6th 10:41am

Is Hip Hop Ready for a Gay Rapper?

Recently, I went walking around the neighborhood with my dog and I came across a young man, approximately in his teens, dressed in skinny jeans, knee high boots, and a Louis Vuitton knock-off purse.  While he stood at the bus stop, bobbing his head and mumbling the words to Rick Ross’ “B.M.F,” a somewhat random…

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October 6th 10:37am

Amber Rose The Purple Pu*sy People Eater Puffing On ‘Ports In Paris

Amber Rose is still in Paris stretching her 15 mins out to its maximum capacity at Fashion Week. Here she is outside of the Kenzo show in a purple long dress smoking stogies, and we’re not sure if we’re particularly feelin this look on her…especially the Newports!! She needs to leave those thangs alone.

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October 6th 10:15am

Jennifer “Skinny-kins” Hudson Performs For Michigan Avenue Magazine Party

Jennifer Hudson performed last night at the Michigan Avenue Magazine’s Second Anniversary Party looking all skinny and stuff. She’s also on the cover of the issue, so she was signing autographs and cheesing it up for the photogs as well.

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October 6th 10:02am

What The Hell??? Rebel Commander Popped For 250 Rapes

This one is an SMH on so many levels.

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October 6th 9:49am

8 Reasons To Date A White Woman

After reading the article “8 Reasons to Date a White Man,” we received this story as a response for the brothers:

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October 6th 9:49am

Knifed Up Mama Knowles Slangin Her “Miss Tina” Gear At Walmart

We all know that Mama Tina Knowles is a certified hustler, and here she is pushin her “Miss Tina” collection at Walmart. We gotta respect her business game, but WTF is going on with her face???

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October 6th 9:45am

Cleopatra Keys And Swami Beatz Want To Name Their Baby _________!

We’ve been ragging on Alicia “From Homewrecker To Housewife” Keys and Swizz “Philandering Father Of Four” Beatz about their noticeable nod to Egypt and even further east in their clothing as of late — including Alicia’s Indian Tikka she’s been wearing to everything lately and Swizzy’s turban. It seems the couple’s international obsession will continue…

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October 6th 9:30am

Some Morning Nakedness: Amar’e Stoudemire In His Birthday Suit For ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue

Here’s what you all have been waiting for… Amar’e Stoudemire and his naked self in ESPN the magazine.

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October 6th 9:20am

SMH: 81-Year-Old Man Murks/Bashes 94-Year-Old Rehab Roommate In Head With A Metal Rod For Singing In Vietnamese

Damn, William McDougall goes hard: William McDougall was recovering from hip surgery in a California rehabilitation center when he allegedly became so enraged at his 94-year-old roommate’s singing in Vietnamese that he bashed his head in with a metal rod, according to Orange County prosecutors, who have charged McDougall with murder.

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