March 23rd 11:31am

Celebs Whose Parents Dabbled In Drugs Or Alcohol

When you choose a career in the public eye, you’ll have to make sacrifices when it comes to your privacy.

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March 23rd 11:00am

Beyond Barbie – Designer Brings Black Dolls to Market

Walk into any toy store or big-box retailer and you’re sure to find a wall of dolls and accessories, mainly of the Barbie variety. Parents can find almost every incarnation of Barbie and clothes to match every occasion, but Niccole Graves is still dissatisfied with the selection when shopping for her two daughters. “When I…

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March 23rd 10:35am

Hi Hater: Michael Vick’s Old High School Still Won’t Put His Jersey Back In Their Hall Of Fame

Mike Vick may have had the best comeback season ever, but his high school in Virginia is still not ready applaud him again.

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March 23rd 9:34am

Which One Would You Hit??? Boris Kodjoe vs. Will Smith

Boris Kodjoe and Will Smith were both spotted in NYC leaving their hotels looking rather handsome.

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March 23rd 9:10am

Get Your Life Together: Lawrence Taylor’s Excuse For Chopping Down Teenaged Prostitutes Is _____________

Because, clearly, having to register as a sex offender didn’t tarnish whatever legacy he had left and embarass everyone who ever rooted for him enough

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March 23rd 8:47am

Friends…How Many Of Us Have Them?? Barry Bonds Certainly Does, Trainer Refuses To Testify [Pics]

This will be the second time Greg Anderson will be sent to jail for refusing to testify, when this trial is over Barry better break the homie off with them stacks for holding sh*t down!

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March 23rd 8:45am

WTF??? Paris Hilton Dumped Vin Diesel Because She “Can’t Stand Black Guys”

Here’s more proof that Paris Hilton is a racist skank.

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March 23rd 8:42am

Lovers Or Friends: These Two Are At It Again!!!

Spring is here. And you know what that means. It’s MATING SEASON!!!!

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March 23rd 8:19am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Shoe store or pet store?

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March 23rd 8:12am

Meanies: 10 Famous Real Life Bullies

The world is going crazy over bullies as if they’re something new we haven’t seen before. Fact is, bullies are and have always been all around us.

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March 23rd 7:43am

SMH: Now NeNe Is Cozying Up To Star Jones’ Big Gay Leftovers

We’d like to think that NeNe Leakes doesn’t strategically plan her friendships based on what will do the most harm to the people she considers her enemies.

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March 23rd 7:15am

Pay Yo Bills! Ja Rule Faces An ADDITIONAL 3 Years In Prison, Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion!!

“All of those rainyyy daaays, spend ya lifetime tryin’ to wash awaaaaay”

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March 23rd 1:01am

Bangin Candy – “Kristal Solis”

With measurements like 36-27-42, there is no reason why Miss Solis isn’t one of the baddest in the game!

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March 22nd 4:32pm

Kush Chronicles: Wiz Khalifa And Danny McBride Are Full Of Smoke On The Cover Of Complex Magazine

Wiz Khalifa and funnyman Danny McBride (Pineapple Express, Eastbound & Down) are on the cover of Complex Magazine surrounded by a cloud of kush smoke.

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