October 2nd 9:40am

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Baby Momma… Who Is This B____?!? 

Yesterday after seeing the pictures above, Bossip posted the question about Cristiano Ronaldo’s son looking mixed. The girl is a waitress that had a one night stand with Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo became a father as the result of a one-night stand with a penniless American waitress, it was claimed yesterday. The Portuguese footballer is said…

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October 1st 7:23pm

How Precious: Khloe & Lamar’s Celebration Of One Year Swirly Matrimony-dom Photos

Khloe and Lamar celebrated their first year of marriage and renewed their vows this week, and here are the pics from the ceremony. Make sure you peep the gift and share your thoughts…

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October 1st 5:42pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Johnson And Wales Student Hangs Himself In Dorm Room

This is getting out of hand: Johnson and Wales student Raymond Chase, 19, took his own life this past Wednesday, according to the Advocate.

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October 1st 5:29pm

Some Afternoon Positivity: Alicia Recruits The Hubby And Some Buddies For Her Charity’s Latest Project

Alicia Keys tapped The Beak, Kimmy Cakes, Ryan Seacrest, Usher and others to join her, her belly and her wedding ring in supporting Keep A Child Alive’s latest endeavor.

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October 1st 4:43pm

Hemp, Hemp Hooray! Schwarzenegger Decriminalizes Marijuana In California

In what appears to be a win for California hemp heads, outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill that no longer makes it a crime for an adult to possess less than an ounce of weed, according to NORML.

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October 1st 4:32pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Brian Pumper Says Fabolous Wears Fake Jewelry, Promises To Murder Him Lyrically [Video] (GO) Charlie Sheen Supports Lindsay. Oh Good. (GO) 68 Year Old Grandma Not Charged With Shooting 12-Year-Old Attacker & Not Sorry For Defending Herself [Video] (GO) Mariah Carey’s New Song: “Oh Santa!” (GO) Swizz Beatz To Premiere New Audemars Piguet Watch Design…

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October 1st 2:11pm

Sextra: My Husband Keeps ‘Jack-Rabbiting’ Me

Bossip I have a problem with my husband!! We’re not married but we’ve been together for 15 years now so we’re pretty much married in the eyes of the law lol. Anywho, we’re getting a little older he’s 41 and I’m 35 but he’s giving out on me. We used to have sex all the…

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October 1st 12:57pm

Dear Madonna: You’re Old. It’s Okay. We Still Love You.

Dear Madonna: on behalf of all the not-so-young girls who ever had a “Papa Don’t Preach” moment, we want to tell you that it’s okay.

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October 1st 12:30pm

Certified Links

Kanye West And Prince To Perform In The Middle East (GO) ‘NJ Housewife’ — Don’t Make Me Testify Against Staub! (GO) Miley Cyrus Hard Nipples Get Noticed of the Day (GO) Lil Kim Joins Twitter [Video] (GO) Can An Anti-Gay Black Pastor Become Chicago’s Next Mayor? (GO) Dr. Dre Planning To Release New Music In…

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October 1st 12:18pm

True Or False?: Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Baby Black? Because The Baby Looks To Be Mixed Like Granola! [Video]

Is that boy mixed? The son of the world’s most famous footballer has finally been photographed for the first time, as Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother took baby Cristiano out for walk. Dolores Aveiro, 55, took her three-month-old grandson out for a stroll in Portugal yesterday, as his dad prepared for Sunday’s Real Madrid match against Deportivo.…

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October 1st 11:49am

Another Day, Another Arrest: Mario Popped For Assaulting Mom & Busting Up Their “Shared Apartment” In B-More

Mario should know better than to be putting his hands on a woman, especially his mother!!! Mario — the platinum-selling R&B singer — was arrested in Baltimore this morning for allegedly assaulting his own mother in an apartment they share.

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October 1st 11:00am

Kimmy Cakes Fires Back At Tyrese With Subliminals

Sorry Tyrese, but you still cannot be La La’s one and only best girlfriend.

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October 1st 10:26am

Scandals At The Altar: 10 Black Church Leaders Who’ve Incited Controversy and Doubt

The Black Church is back in the spotlight, unfortunately not for reasons related to sound doctrine. Controversy has once again pushed the organization to the forefront in popular culture

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October 1st 10:21am

Bossip Giveaways: Enter To Win A Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera And Passes To An Invite Only Performance By Drake, Trey Songz And Pitbull!

Bossip is teaming up with “So Kodak” to give you access to another dope event! As part of the “SO KODAK” campaign launch, Bossip is sending you to an INVITE ONLY performance featuring Drake, Trey Songz and Pitbull on October 5, 2010. Pop the hood for more details.

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October 1st 10:16am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Diddy was in the UK the other day performing on stage in Glasgow, Scotland. In the traditional Scottish spirit, your boy Puffy dressed himself in a kilt and some lil boots and socks.

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