September 6th 12:54pm

Guess Which Rapper Was Kidnapped By His Dad As A 9-Month-Old Baby And Driven Across State Lines With His Mom Handcuffed To The Front Seat?

Well damn… one of these guys’ family lives was just all the way dysfunctional from the start. Can you guess which rapper had the bad kidnapping dad?

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September 6th 12:32pm

When Animals Get Attacked: California Man Popped For Mutilating A Python By Biting Into It…TWICE!!

There is something verrrrry suspect about a man putting his mouth on a snake…

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September 6th 11:38am

The Evolution Of Kelly Rowland

One of the founding members of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland has had her fair share of success both independently

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September 6th 11:37am

Big Contract Big Contractors: The Top 10 Highest Paid Black Athletes

With a new contract and a new beginning, Mike Vick has recaptured his spot on the top 10 highest paid black athletes list, but where?

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September 6th 11:00am

Made In America: The Economics of Black Art

Once overlooked, African-American art is expanding its audience.

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September 6th 10:24am

Lil Mama Does Another Nicki Minaj Impression For Mami Magazine

Here’s Lil Mama in her cover spread for Mami Magazine looking like some girl from Queens named Onika who is forever biting Mama’s style…

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September 6th 10:07am

To Whom Does This Floral Adorned Donk Belong?

Do you recognize these cakes?

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September 6th 9:54am

Which One Would You Hit?

Coolio crawled out from whatever rock he’s been hiding under to perform this weekend at Shephard’s Beach Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

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September 6th 9:49am

Shaky Matrimony-Dom: Maybe Will And Jada Are Only Staying In It For The Kids…

Since the rumors broke out about their separation, Will and Jada haven’t really done a good job of convincing anyone that their marriage is really “intact.”

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September 6th 9:46am

What Is Wrong With These Pictures?

We can’t put our finger on it but something seems…different about Kim…

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