May 6th 9:47am

Which Motown Legend Do I Call “Dad”?

This young musician’s father has six other kids. But so far he seems to be the one following in daddy’s footsteps the most, playing the piano and singing. Can you guess who his father is?

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May 6th 8:51am

Get Your Life Together: Flavor Flav’s Former Chicken Shack Partner Calls Him Out In Front Of The Law

You thought it was over when they decided to shut down Flav’s Iowa chicken coop?

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May 6th 8:23am

The Side-Eye: The Government Explains Why All Accounts Of The Bin Laden Raid Don’t Matchup

In the midst of celebrating America’s victory over Osama bin Laden, the general public may have missed the fact that the government’s story has already changed a couple of times

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May 6th 7:46am

Ballers: Have A Peek Inside Rihanna’s 7 Million Dollar S&M Shack

Wanna see where Rihanna lays her pretty red head?

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May 6th 6:28am

Report: al Qaeda Planned To Attack NYC Rail System On The 10th Anniversary Of 9/11

According to intel, sources say al Qaeda planned to hit NYC again September 11, 2011:

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