August 3rd 11:00am

Has The Market Improved For Black Actresses?

The question hovering over Black Hollywood after Eva Mendes was cast as Will Smith’s love interest in Hitch was, if Black actresses weren’t “good enough” to play the counterparts to Black men, did they even have a future in Hollywood? Supposedly, the reasons for casting non-Black actresses has to do with foreign sales.

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August 3rd 11:00am

Looking For That Ring? Here’s What NOT To Do…

Last week an interesting conversation started on twitter about how long should a woman wait before her significant other puts a ring on it.

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August 3rd 10:58am

Bromance: A Grown Man With Kobe Bryant’s Face Tattooed On His Leg?

No man should have another man’s face on tatted on him, unless he’s a dead homie.

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August 3rd 10:51am

The Epitome Of A Bad Father

This man right here is one ruthless mickie-fickie:

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August 3rd 10:11am

Race Matters: Affluent Blacks And Hispanics Live In Poorer Neighborhoods Than Middle Class White Folks

A new study finds that African-American and Hispanic Americans are more likely to live in poor neighborhoods

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August 3rd 9:57am

Congratulations: Looks Like Oprah Winfrey And James Earl Jones Are Going To Win An Oscar This Year!

Looks like Black folks are gonna do ok with the Academy this year…

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August 3rd 9:46am

Precious Lil Kenzo And His Mommy Banger Kimora Flossin’ That Toned Tushie While Leaving The Telly

Kimora was spotted totin’ baby Kenzo outside of her hotel in Manhattan Tuesday.

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August 3rd 9:16am

Twitpic Of The Day: Mariah Shows Off Her “Twins” During An Early Morning Beach Outing

Mariah Carey took a trip to the beach yesterday and tweeted pics of two of the best gifts life has given her…

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August 3rd 8:39am

For The Stans: BeyBey Covers UK Harper’s Bazaar

Another day, another magazine cover for King B.

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August 3rd 8:20am

Where Are Our Parents: Two 8-Year-Olds Suspected In String Of Car Break-Ins

We have got to do better about preventing these little children from doing hoodrat isht with their friends.

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August 3rd 8:09am

Kush Chronicles: Waka Flocka Gets Caught Riding Around On That “Loud”… Again

Boy, if this fool isn’t on the slowest learning curve ever.

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August 3rd 7:53am

Elsewhere In The World: Even More Are Dying In Syria As Peaceful Protests Turn Violent

Well, America’s debt ceiling crisis doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

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