May 26th 11:10am

Weezy’s New Mystery Swirl-Piece Is A Mystery No More

With these internets being what they are these days, it was only a matter of time before we stopped having to refer to Lil’ Wayne’s new mystery girl as a ‘mystery.’

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May 26th 10:55am


A behind the scenes look at a new network dedicated to featuring HBCU sports and more.

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May 26th 10:27am

Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

Some celebrities are naturally thin, can eat whatever they want and never gain an inch.

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May 26th 9:47am

Veteran Democratic Leader Says The Main Issue Obama Faces Is Racism

The highest ranking African-American in Congress and House Assistant Democratic Leader, Jim Clyburn, says most of President Obama’s political issues stem from racism.

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May 26th 9:25am

Celebrity Seeds: Connor Cruise Hits Up House Of Blues, Zoe Kravitz At Her X-Men First Class Premiere

Congratulations to Zoe Kravitz, who has gone from an indie princess to a full fledged movie starruh!

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May 26th 9:19am

For The Stans: Bey Bey’s “4” Has A Track Listing And A Release Date

Early yesterday morning, Beyonce’s internet team started a tracklisting countdown on Facebook.

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May 26th 8:51am

In White Folks News: Nancy Kerrigan’s Brother Acquitted Of Manslaughter

Must be nice to kill your dad and just walk away Scott-free…

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May 26th 8:30am

Must Be Nice: Check Out The $50,000-A-Month Crib Where DSK Will Await His Maid-Rape Trial

It didn’t take long for “Former Future French Prez” and full-on dirt dog Dominique Strauss-Kahn to find a landlord willing to overlook his criminal situation for the right price tag.

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