September 26th 9:53am

Britney Spears Performs In Skimpy Get Up…Is Her Body Bangin Or Still Sloppy??

Britney Spears and her “trying to become relevant again” self performed live in Russia

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September 26th 9:35am

Remember Me???

Ladies, we know you remember this guy.

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September 26th 9:23am

What The Eff?!? 64 Year-Old Hiker Inspired By The Film ‘127 Hours’ Gets Trapped In Same Canyon For FOUR DAYS!!

Did this guy have to cut his arm off with a pocket-knife too?? Hit the jump and find out!

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September 26th 8:55am

Question Of The Day: Is Michael Vick Being Treated Unfairly By NFL Officials As A Black Quarterback???

Although Michael Vick is one of the NFL premiere stars, he doesn’t seem to get the same treatment from referees like his peers Tom Brady and Peyton Manning…

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September 26th 8:44am

Black Women Angry At This Hairstylist For Giving Natural Hair Strengthening Advice On Tyra’s Site… When Her Hair Is Brittle And Edges Are Fried! [Video]

People are angry with JoAnn Robertson, saying her hair looks brittle and her edges are fried, so there is no way she can be giving advice on “Natural Hair” for black women. We are not going to get into this, we will let you decide for yourself:

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September 26th 8:23am

Rihanna Helps Out Family On ‘Extreme Makeover’ Home Edition Season Opener [Video]

On the season opener of ‘Extreme Makeover’ Home Edition, they had two very special guests. Michelle Obama and Rihanna.

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