February 20th 12:12pm

No Sh*t Sherlock: Dina Lohan Reveals That Lindsay Has A Problem with Addiction

Ummmm…we thought the entire world already knew that Lindsay Lohan struggled with addiction:

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February 20th 12:01pm

Halle Berry’s Half-Sister “Renee” Speaks, Says Berry Has Disowned Her Black Family

Halle Berry’s siblings from her father’s side of the family are speaking out about how Halle has “cut them off”:

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February 20th 12:00pm

Which One Would You Hit: The Two Kings Edition

King Hov and King James were on deck to unveil the new gym at the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles yesterday.

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February 20th 11:29am

In Case You Missed It: Every Dunk From The 2011 Slam Dunk Contest

The dunk contest hasn’t been entertaining the past couple of years, but this year was different as the NBA brought in some of youngest and most talented dunkers they have.

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February 20th 10:55am

Which Couple Looked More Bangin??? LaLa and Melo Vs. Gabby and D-Wade (40+ Photos)

La La Vazquez and her husband Carmelo Anthony attended the The 2011 NBPA All-Star Gala and Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade

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February 20th 10:34am

True Or False: Shaunie O’Neal Is Looking To Replace One Of The Basketball Wives

Sources close to the Basketball Wives production team are saying that one of the “wives” is on her way out, as soon as Shaunie can find a new one. Can you guess which one?

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February 20th 10:13am

Some Sunday Controversy: David Aldridge Labels NBA All-Star Weekend As The “Black Thanksgiving”

Here’s what CNN writer David Aldridge feels about NBA All-Star Weekend (which caused quite the stir in the sports world)

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February 20th 10:12am

Inspired By Egypt, The People Of Libya Ask Moammar Khadafy To Give Them Free

The uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia have inspired a few more uprisings by oppressed people elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East.

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February 20th 10:04am

Patrice Hollis (Black Playmate) Says “Hef Has Not Tasted This Brown Sugar… And Girls Need To Stop With The Plastic Surgery!” [Video]

We also found Patrice’s Playmate Data Sheet.. strictly for journalism purposes… of course.

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February 20th 9:59am

Hip Hop Hair Trends You Or Your Mama Followed

Hip Hop culture goes far beyond just music.

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February 20th 9:56am

Noémie Lenoir Speaks Out For The First Time On Suicide Attempt: “I Didn’t Think I Was Good Enough. I Thought I Was Poison”

Noemie Lenoir is finally speaking on why she attempted to take her life a year ago: Last year the fashion industry was shocked when the former face of Marks and Spencer, Noémie Lenoir attempted to commit suicide in Paris.

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February 20th 9:47am

Who Looked More Suspect??

Despite the high-pitched voice, the once long-flowing locks and the yodeling, we’ve never really though of Lloyd as suspect.

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February 20th 9:39am

Drake Is In Touch With His “Softer Side”…Rocks Animal Print Shirt To Hollyweird Party

Drake, Nicki Mianj, and Lil Wayne attended a party in Hollyweird

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February 20th 8:53am

*Exclusive* Can You Guess Who Is Rockin This Rock?

This couple is out and about… steady trying to get that exposure. The boy-toy said it’s a “business relationship” (STRAIGHT UP!) and “his package” is the key

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