July 10th 5:10pm

Some Sunday Funny: “10 Reasons Why We Hate Facebook”… How Many Do You Agree With?

We admit it: we’re guilty of a couple of these. It’s still funny though.

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July 10th 4:50pm

Caption This: Waka Flocka Gets Fresh

We’re not quite sure what inspired this unusual wardrobe selection for Waka.

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July 10th 4:02pm

Congratulations: Kate Hudson Is The Proud Mommy Of Another Baby Boy

Kate Hudson and her British K-Fraud welcomed their first little joint bundle of joy into the world last night.

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July 10th 3:28pm

Ask A Very Smart Brotha: Dating Online And The “Big Brother” Types

Dear Very Smart Brotha, I am a young girl who has known this brotha for a minute, met at church, and I look to him as my big brother, even though I have one. He is in the army and only comes to visit every 3 months or so. Recently he came back and we…

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July 10th 2:41pm

Sunday Getaways: Dr. Beach’s 2011 Top 10 Beaches In The United States

Each year, the “foremost authority on Beaches” releases a list of the best beaches in the country.

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July 10th 11:55am

Ladies, Do You Have A Rebound Guy? Here Are The Rules

I must admit I do believe in the old saying “the best way to get over a man is to get another one!”

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July 10th 11:51am

Kush Chronicles: Former Employee Claims Della Reese Is A Weed-Smoking Minister Who Shadily Mismanages Funds

SMH at these folks trying to throw Della Reese under the bus for burning a lil something!!

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