April 19th 8:39am

Surprise! Rihanna Has Three Other Siblings From Dad’s Playboy Days

SMH. Rihanna’s dad and one of her long lost half-siblings just sold her out to the tabloids again.

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April 19th 8:38am

Elsewhere In The World: Middle Eastern Nations Meet To Deal With The Realness Of Sh*t In Yemen

Oh yeah. Because sh*t is real in Yemen too, in case you didn’t know.

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April 19th 8:09am

For Discussion: How Young Is Too Young To Start Giving Kids Condoms???

Apparently the city of Philadelphia thinks that the perfect age to start giving kids condoms is…

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April 18th 6:50pm

The Good Life: The Ten Most Peaceful States In The Country

There is a flip side to the ten most violent states we told you about yesterday.

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April 18th 5:23pm

Bossip Almost Shot When Gangs Open Fire And “Jay Money” Is Shot In Head At Venice Mid-Interview! [Video]

This shooting happened just off screen and you can tell by Jonesy’s reaction… it was close!

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April 18th 5:03pm

SMH: Stripper Says Dr. Murray Wanted Sleep As MJ Died

New evidence in the Murder Murray trial, makes dude look f**king ridiculous.

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