August 29th 8:42am

Caption This

“I was gonna kill a couple rappers but they did it to themselves…” – Hov

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August 29th 8:03am

All Jokes Aside: Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene Responsible For At Least 21 Deaths, A Million Without Power In 8 States

Many people think too much of a big deal was made about Irene considering the fact that the storm hit the Eastern Seaboard as a low level hurricane and was downgraded

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August 29th 12:01am

Dude, Where’s My Stylist? The Worst Outfits Of The VMAs

The problem with the VMAs is that people think since it’s an awards show on MTV, they can leave the house looking like they’ve never met a mirror

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August 28th 10:34pm

Whose Backs Looked More Bangin??? Kim Kardashian Vs. Zoe Saldana

Here are both Kim Kardashian and Zoe Saldana showing off their backsides for MTV at the VMAs.

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August 28th 9:39pm

What In The Fizzuck Is Nicki Minaj Wearing???

We’re all for “creativity” and all that other bullshizzzzzz, but damn.

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