April 28th 10:27am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Look really carefully behind the little boy.

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April 28th 9:42am

Living Up To The Hype: Miami’s Shady Dream Team (Barely) Makes It To Round 2 In Five Games

For the majority of the game, it looked like the Sixers might have pulled extended this series to a game 6.

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April 28th 9:22am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Bey Bey & Drizzy Added To The Cast Of The Next Ice Age

Drake and Mrs. Knowles-Carter are about to share a career first.

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April 28th 8:26am

Melo And LaLa Finally Find Some Comfy New Digs In New York

There’s no doubt that the Anthony’s have made some real estate agent VERY happy.

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April 27th 7:30pm

The Diddy Dirty Money Train Comes To ATL

Diddy Dirty Money performed at the Tabernacle in Atlanta last night and BOSSIP was in the building to watch it go down.

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April 27th 7:17pm

Put On Blast: VH1 Rep Says “What Amber Rose Show?”

We’re not quite sure what Amber Rose has been taping for the last few weeks, but according to a VH1 it’s definitely not their latest Celebreality show.

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April 27th 5:04pm

End Of Days: These Tornadoes Have Killed 13 People Already And They Just Won’t Stop!

While earthquakes and tsunamis are destroying the rest of the world, the South is getting it’s fanny handed to it by heavy storms and tornadoes for the last couple of weeks.

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April 27th 5:00pm

Another Day, Another Dumb Republican Birther Broad: Orly Taitz Says Obama Birth Certificate “Should Say Negro”

This broad is the epitome of the “carnival barker” type Barry-O was talking about…

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