August 29th 12:44pm

For Discussion: Study Shows That Bisexual Men Do Exist. Thoughts?

Looks like you can’t just write off bisexual men as just “gay” any more.

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August 29th 12:09pm

We’ll Never Forget: Today Is The Sixth Anniversary Of Hurricane Katrina Hitting New Orleans

Hurricane Irene is all over the news now, but six years ago, another terrible storm was tearing through the country.

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August 29th 12:08pm

Love Lessons You Should Have Learned In High School

Ahhh…young love! It’s all about butterflies, school dances, notes scribbled on looseleaf, and horrible decisions.

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August 29th 11:51am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Melody Thornton Vs. Elise Neal

Melody Thornton and Elise Neal both hit up the 4th Annual House of Hype Music Awards

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August 29th 11:21am

Nicki Minaj, Drake, Ciara, Attend Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV” Release Party [Photos]

After last night’s VMAs, Lil Wayne released digital copies of his Tha Carter IV album at midnight as promised and to celebrate the occasion

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August 29th 11:15am

What Were You Thinking?? Lady Sticks Out Tongue And Crosses Her Eyes During Mugshot Booking Photo

This unnamed lady thought it was a good idea to pose like this for her booking photo.

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August 29th 11:00am

African Fashion Equals Big Business

African designers are finally capitalizing on the culture and designs that define.

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August 29th 10:45am

MTV VMA Interview And Freestyle With Chanel, Shanell, And We TRY Talking To Flo-Rida’s Pollack

At the VMA MTV Back Carpet… Bossip chats it up with Rob Dyrdek’s “Chanel” the white girl rapper-receptionist on the Fantasy Factory,

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August 29th 10:28am

Steve Stoute Says LL Cool J Pulled A Fast One On The GAP Back In The Day

Steve Stoute has ensured The GAP will never live down one of it’s biggest embarrassments ever.

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August 29th 9:54am

In White Folks News: Britney Spears Gets Her “Girl-On-Girl” Smooch On For The VMA’s…Again

Well we’re not sure if it counts if Lady GaGa was dressed in drag

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