May 27th 8:58am

SMH: Matt Lauer’s Supposed Soulfood Side Piece Used To Be A Man?!?!?! A Lying And Conniving Man At That!!

Wow. This is a lot of information so brace yourself. Here’s a little recap: dirty dog Matt Lauer was caught creepin on his wife of 12 years allegedly with this “Alexis Houston” character (pictured above), however the two swear that they did not have relations. Now word is coming out that “Alexis” used to be…

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May 27th 2:01am

Who Is Amber Rose?

Amber Rose isn’t such a household name that people still aren’t asking ‘Who is Amber Rose?’ But she is big enough to get a check from party promoters for upcoming events. Pop the top and take a look

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May 26th 8:45pm

New Video: Trey Songz… “Yo Side Of The Bed”

Trey Songz is at it again. After giving us jawns like “Say Ahhh!” and “LOL Smiley Face”, Trey Songz has finally given us a video with substance that touches the heart. Soldiers are deployed everyday and family members pray that it won’t be the last time they see their loved ones. Flip the Lid for…

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May 26th 5:18pm

And It Was All Good Just A Week Ago…

Just last week, Common was professing his love for Serena Williams and word is now that their love is no longer: After over two years of dating, tennis star Serena Williams, 28, and rapper Common, 38, have split.

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May 26th 5:13pm

Da Brat Out On Work Release, Hits The Studio

After years of not being on camera, Da Brat made a rare appearance with her “brother” Jermaine Dupri in a video for his “Living The Life” web series. Continue

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May 26th 3:35pm

Remember (Freak Like) Me???

Fifteen years ago Adina Howard had a hit with “Freak Like Me,” but last night the singer showed up to rock the red carpet at the “Sex and the City 2″ Glamm Squad Remixx screening. Pop the hood to see how she’s livin’ these days

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May 26th 2:05pm

50 Cent Weight Loss Pictures and Photos: 50 Cent Gets Cracked Out For Movie That Is Probably Going Straight To DVD!

50 Cent looks like he almost passed away from trying to do this damn movie called “Things Fall Apart” Pop the top for the front view where he is looking really decrepit

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May 26th 2:03pm Links!

Meet The REAL Smoking Baby… Ardi Rizal: CLICK HERE Trey Songz Is Tonguing Up Keri Hilson In New Video “Yo Side Of The Bed”: CLICK HERE President Obama Is Yelling And Pissed Off: “No One Is More Upset Than Me… It Happened On My Watch!!”: CLICK HERE Beyonce’s New House Of Dereon Commercial Is Showing…

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May 26th 1:32pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Chelly-O Gets Moving On The White House Lawn With The Children

Michelle Obama kicked off her “Let’s Move” campaign targeted for youngsters to fight against childhood obesity yesterday in DC: First lady Michelle Obama didn’t just talk. She moved, too.

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May 26th 1:20pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Spike Lee Pops Bottles for Brooklyn & Creates Special Edition Absolut Vodka Bottle (GO) American Citizen Arrested And Detained After Authorities Claim He Was An Illegal Immigrant (GO) Jesse James Wasn’t Abused Says StepMom (GO) Hackers Change Road Signs To Say “No Latinos”, “No Tacos” (GO) Bristol Palin On Her Pregnancy “It Was Humiliating And…

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May 26th 1:13pm

Question Of The Day: Is It Emasculating To Bring Your Man To The Nail Salon?

Angela Simmons and her lil Armenian shadow were spotted leaving a Beverly Hills Nail Salon today. This isn’t the first time Robbie Kardashian has been spotted in the nail shop. Pop the hood for a flashback shot and to weigh in on the Question of the Day

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May 26th 1:04pm

Dear Bossip: I’m Engaged but Still Pursue Other Women

I’m engaged to a beautiful woman with whom I’ve shared the last 4 years of my life and we’re getting married in the fall. I truly believe she is “the one” for me and my life would be incomplete without her, she’s my partner and I love her.

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May 26th 11:37am

Where Is Kim Porter???

Sean “Diddy” Combs brought the boys (Justin, Quincy, and his twin Christian) and Mama Janice along to the premiere of his new film “Get Him To The Greek”… Peep more pictures when you…

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May 26th 11:35am

Cynthia Nixon Wants To Marry Her Little Ginger Bread “Man”

Cynthia Nixon, who plays Sex and The City character Miranda Hobbs, appeared on NBC’s “The Today Show” yesterday to promote the film. Talk eventually turned to Nixon’s personal life and things got pretty gay. Pop the hood for details

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May 26th 11:30am

Update: 44 Feared Dead In Jamaican Drug War With Police

At least 44 people are feared dead in Jamaica as supporters of convicted drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke continue to lash out at police. Continue

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