January 6th 1:18pm

Raven-Symoné: “Now That I’m Thin, I Don’t Feel As Attractive As I Did When I Was A Thicky-kins”

A little 2011 inspiration: If there’s one thing Raven-Symoné never lacked, it’s self-assurance.

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January 6th 12:45pm

Warm Up Your Winter: Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies

Although the weather may be cold and you may be snowed in, Hiphopwired.com has a little hotness to warm up the cold season. What’s hotter than some of the most gorgeous celebrities with banging bodies in a bikini?! Click here to check out the hottest celebs in bikinis

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January 6th 12:42pm

American Woman Is Detained By Iranian Authorities After Finding A Mircophone Inside Her Grill!!

Damn what part of the game is THAT!?!? A mircrophone in your TEETH? You got to be really dedicated to your job to put a mic inside your molars… Iranian authorities have detained a 55-year-old American woman on spying charges, local media reported Thursday. The state-owned newspaper IRAN said the woman had spying equipment hidden…

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January 6th 11:54am

Evelyn And OchoCinco Take Their Made-For-TV Love Overseas

Now that he doesn’t have Playoffs or the Superbowl to worry about, Ochocinco whisked his future Celebreality co-star wife Evelyn Lozada to Spain for a little R&R.

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January 6th 11:34am

D.C. Businessman Invests In African-American Love

There are absolutely no guarantees in the world of entrepreneurship but, according to the most basic of business strategies, filling an unmet need in any industry is as close to a guarantee of success as one could hope to get.

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January 6th 11:19am

Some Mid-Morning Irony: IRS Agent Could Spend 9 Years In Prison For Cheating On His Taxes!!!

Damn son, you’d think that if you work for the IRS that you would know how to cheat and get away with it, but then again just because you HAVE a job doesn’t mean you’re GOOD at it…

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January 6th 10:45am

The Sex Toy Queen Of London Is Filing Charges Against Her Nanny For Trying To Poison Her

Why would anyone want to poison a woman that is simply trying to make the world a happier place one orgasm at a time?

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January 6th 10:25am

See, Now They’re Just Fawking With Poor Blohan

Yesterday we heard Lindsay Lohan was crying a river about how one-time is out to get her, with their claims that she was drunk and high while she was fighting in rehab.

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January 6th 9:57am

Nicki Minaj Asks RiRi To Bring Her Ho Talents To Her Video Shoot For “Fly”

Roman Zolanski aka Nicki Minaj doesn’t appear ready to take her foot off the gas in 2011, her album Pink Friday has been certified platinum and she has a slew of new videos she’s shooting.

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January 6th 9:49am

MiMi AKA “mommyMC” Gets A Phantom Double R Worth 400 Stacks For Christmas

Damn, Mariah Carey got one helluva present this holiday:

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January 6th 9:30am

Another Day, Another DUI: Jaime Pressly Popped For Driving While Intoxicated

Actress Jaime Pressly — best known for her Emmy winning role on the NBC sitcom My Name is Earl — was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of drunk driving

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January 6th 9:20am

“Doogie Howser” Talks Ish About Queen’s Performance On The People’s Choice Awards…TO HER FACE!!

Seems like award shows nowadays are full of awkward moments and uncomfortable pairings of celebrities who are supposed to interact like they’ve known each other for years.

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