January 5th 9:55am

Lindsay “Can’t Get Right” Blohan Might Already Be Headed Back To Lockup

Poor thang! Did Little LiHo really think that quoting Gandi and taking horrible old-lady photos was gonna make folks forget she was in rehab violating?

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January 5th 9:46am

Random Ridiculousness: Desperate Woman Calls 911 In An Attempt To Get Police To “Force” Her Boyfriend To Marry Her

This is PURE COMEDY: A woman from Chicago’s Northwest Side wanted to start the New Year with a marriage proposal, with help from police.

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January 5th 9:27am

What The Hell?? Baby Brother And Sister “Twiblings” Born Days Apart In Separate Wombs

Wow, folks are getting extremely creative these days with the baby-making process: They are calling them the ‘twiblings’- a baby brother and sister born just days apart from DIFFERENT wombs.

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January 5th 9:10am

Rihanna’s Ho Sh*t Made It Rain For GQ In 2010

There’s nothing like the ho sh*t that contributes to the wealth of others.

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January 5th 8:54am

Poor Thang: Foxy Brown’s Longtime Manger Ends Relationship, Lawsuit On The Way

Twitter is getting folks in trouble again: Raunchy rapper Foxy Brown’s trash talk on Twitter persuaded her long-suffering manager

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January 5th 8:31am

Kush Chronicles: Montel Williams Popped In Airport For Toting Drug Paraphernalia

SMH: Wisconsin authorities say former talk show host and medical marijuana activist Montel Williams

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January 5th 8:29am

Shaq Still Heartz Hoopz… And Kobe

We’re still not sure what exactly drives this couple’s existence, or why she still shows no sign of having come up like she did.

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January 5th 3:17am

Mary J. Blige And Lil Wayne Add A Little Something Something To That Diddy Dirty Money Track “Someone To Love Me”

Although Lil Kim is on some other sh*zzzz, Mary J. Blige is still getting it in with Diddy Dirty Money on new jawn “Someone To Love Me” with the cowboy swag. If you heard the original,then you’re not missing much but… take a listen:

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January 5th 1:58am

Raz-B’s Milshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard… Dayyum Right It’s Better Than Yours!!!

It looks like the little Twitter beef with Chris Brown actually worked in Raz-B’s favor. After that little rant appeared on Twitter, Raz-B headed down to Millions of Milkshakes to show everyone his skills when it comes to bringing all the boys to the yard. This just goes to show you, Millions of Milkshake will…

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January 5th 12:06am

So… Toni Braxton Wants To Get Naked For Playboy So She Can Feed Her Family???

Earlier this year, Toni Braxton filed for bankruptcy for the second time and owes about $50 Million in debt.

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January 4th 7:15pm

10 Ways To Have A Happy Life Outside Of Work

Are you an ‘under-pressure,’ highly ambitious and productive kind of woman?

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January 4th 6:04pm

EFF A Thug: “White Chocolate” Caught After Skating From One-Time For 8 Months

SMH at his steez and the name “White Chocolate”: Police hunted down a violent thug who had been evading police for nearly eight months

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January 4th 5:02pm

Biggest Myths About African-American Hair

In our quest to outwardly express our inner diva, black women worldwide have sacrificed time and treasure to achieve ravishing ringlets, roller sets and relaxers.

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January 4th 4:10pm

Hoy In Mi Gente News: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mystery Baby Mama Says $15.5 Mil Isn’t Enough To Keep Her Away From Her Son

Wait, homie basically bought his kid away from his baby mama? And she agreed to walk away from her child for a measly $15mil?? Where they do that at?

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