July 25th 3:05pm

Bolitics: Is Barry-O Sending Blacks & Poor Young White People Running To The Republican Party??

This is the exact opposite of what we’d like to hear six months before the start of an election year.

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July 25th 2:54pm

Sit Down, Fool: Since Nobody Cared About Sarah Palin’s Movie, It’s Already Coming To Cable! #Fail

Sarah Palin’s dollar-bin-ready movie came out more than a week ago…do you care?

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July 25th 2:45pm

Happy Birthday: ‘Kini Clad J.Lo Gets Her Groove Back…

Looking pretty good for a middle-aged mama right?

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July 25th 1:51pm

Divorces: Ron Artest Says He Split With His “Basketball Wife” Years Ago

Well damn Shaunie if you and Vh1 don’t quit advertising these unmarried broads as “Wives” … Another day, another non-wife For your reality show watching azz!

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July 25th 1:29pm

Grammy Award Winning Chrisette Michele Exclusive Remix “So In Love” Ft Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross Plus Tour Dates And Details

This song , So In Love, is written by Chrisette Michele and is co produced by Grammy Award Winning producer “Chuck Harmony.”

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July 25th 12:57pm

Rumor Control: Brett “Frontal Flashing” Favre Probably Won’t Join The Eagles…Or Any NFL Team For That Matter

Despite rumors of his return, it looks like Brett will stay away, leaving him more time to get his amateur modeling career off the ground.

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July 25th 12:21pm

New Music: M.I.A. Drops “27” In Dedication Of Amy Winehouse

We’re not the only ones that noticed how many great artists left the land of the living at the age of 27.

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July 25th 12:16pm

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