March 1st 2:33pm

10 Best Quotes From Charlie “Sh*t Talking” Sheen

Comments from newly “sober” Charlie Sheen have been anything but!

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March 1st 12:33pm

Nelly Furtado Gives Back Stacks Gadhafi Paid For Her Performance, Shouldn’t BeyBey Do The Same?

Nelly Furtado is taking sides with the Libyan people who want no parts of dictator Moammar Gadhafi — by giving up the money she was paid to perform for his family!

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March 1st 12:13pm

Happy Birthday Birdman!

Dear Bryan “Birdamn/Baby” Williams, Considering what goes on in New Orleans daily, we are really happy that you made it to your 42nd birthday

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March 1st 11:33am

Must Have Hair Accessories

When it comes to trying new hairstyles and becoming comfortable with them, it’s all about embracing accessories.

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March 1st 11:32am

Illuminati Quote Of The Day: “They’ve Already Dominated The World, They Don’t Need A Rapper Member”

Former Poor Righteous Teachers rapper Wise Intelligent recently dropped a single “Illuminati” that discusses the secret society and their non so secret activities. Check out what he had to say about Yeezy and Hov’s possible allegiances.

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March 1st 11:26am

The Top 21: Our List of Outstanding Black Doctors

More than a century ago, Dr. James McCune Smith did what had never been done before. He became the first black person to earn a medical degree and practice medicine in this country.  It took him years of determination and an education in Europe to accomplish that. Yet he paved the way for possibility. Today…

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March 1st 11:15am

Meet NeNe’s Newest Victim BFF

As promised, NeNe Leakes has effectively relocated her shenanigans to Los Angeles.

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March 1st 10:52am

I Am Not My Hair: 10 Of The Bald And The Beautiful

In an industry where long flowing locks are a symbol of beauty, a few of Hollywood’s biggest celebs have opted to go against the grain and chop it all off.

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March 1st 10:38am

Cover Girl: Thandie Newton Is One Of Uptown’s “Talented 10″

Thandie Newton is on the cover of Uptown Magazine

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March 1st 10:21am

True Or False: Angela Simmons Is On To The Next One

Rumor has it, that Angela Simmons plans to take her lil pastry cakes elsewhere.

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March 1st 10:16am

SMH: Christina Aguilera’s Arrested For Getting Sloppy White Girl Wasted With Her New Boo

Poor thang! Christina Aguilera makes dumber decisions by the minute.

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March 1st 10:12am

Jesus Take The Wheel: New York Woman Killed Over “Diaper Money”

What the hell??? A 22-year-old John Jay College grad was stabbed to death

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March 1st 10:01am

To Whom Does This Henna’d Up Hand Belong?

Guess who was attention whoring it up again on Twitter by showing off their newest “tat”? This one should be a cinch.

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March 1st 9:57am

Facebook To Become Intrusive As Hell: Plans To Share User’s Home Addresses, Phone Numbers With External Sites

SMH: Facebook will be moving forward with a controversial plan to give third-party developers and external websites the ability to access users’ home addresses

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