November 4th 9:36am

Jay-Z ‘Decoded’ Reveals How Stabbing Up Un Rivera Helped Rocawear Sales… SMH

Throughout his career Jay-Z has often shied away from sharing too much of his private life, however excerpts of his new book “Decoded” reveal plenty thanks to its anecdotal nature.

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November 4th 9:18am

Weezy’s Free! Expect A New Seed In ________ Months

A Rikers Island officer tried to hate on the happy Welcome Weezy Home train this morning for absolutely no reason, saying Toya and ‘em’s baby daddy would have to spend at least one more day in the clink before seeing the streets.

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November 4th 9:00am

In Defense of The Conspiracy Theory

In our modern lives we only have access to tiny slivers of information. Where the government is concerned, that sliver becomes increasingly narrower as information is usually redacted for “security” reasons. All this begs the question; why do we follow the government’s or the corporation’s conclusions in lockstep given the massive amount of information that…

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November 4th 8:49am

“All Of The Lights” Kanye West Responds To George Bush Comments, Talks Cudi’s Coke Habit, Taylor Swift, T.I., Jay-Z For Pres And A Gang More!! [Video]

Kanye West Responds To Bush And Talks Taylor Swift! Kanye Talks Kid Cudi Coke Habit And Jay-Z For Pres Yeezy Talks T.I. Bid And Why He Doesn’t VotE Shout out to Our Girl Dev!!! Plus More New Music!!! Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Feat. John Legend, The-Dream, Ryan Leslie, Alicia Keys, Fergie, KiD…

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November 4th 8:46am

SMH: Another Day, Another Baby Falls Seven Stories?

The only thing more unbelievable than the fact that this has happened twice in one week is the amazing amount of luck that this little boy had.

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November 4th 8:09am

Nicki Says No Shots Fired At Lil Kim… While Firing More Shots At Lil Kim

For those of you who were anticipating an official Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim battle, Nicki says it ain’t happening… at least not yet. “Roman’s Revenge” was not her first shot at the Knifed-Up Queen Bee.

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November 4th 7:38am

‘Oops! Did We Say Thursday?’ Rikers Island Reneges On Letting Jailbird Wayne Fly

Maybe all those Lil’ Wayne supporters tweeting #FreeWeezy last night were on to something.

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November 4th 6:00am

Knifed Up Rocker Compares Plastic Surgery To Redecorating His House “Changing My Face Is Like Buying A New Sofa”

We showed you Pete Burns after his most recent surgery a couple weeks ago, but apparently the British rock star has no intention of staying away from the knife.

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November 4th 12:34am

Some Early Morning Cakes

Gooooooood Morning! We got them early morning cakes for you, this time coming courtesy of Show Magazine Web Gems Cubana Lust and L.A. Brown.

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November 4th 12:20am

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Drops Some Hope!

After a disheartening mid-term election in the USA, many Democrats were left dazed and confused like Kat Stacks at an ATM! We all know this nation is in a state of shock right now but the most recent elections have some folks shook. The Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine released a statement after the…

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November 3rd 6:41pm

Bossip Exclusive: Jealousy Of Mercedes Nelson And Pilar Sanders Sparks Drama On The Set Of VH1 “Football Wives”!!!

So far Vh1’s “Football Wives” show has been a complete snoozefest (smh at these chicks fighting over leaving Bible study early and isht) but Bossip sources tell us things are about to get heated very soon.

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