December 15th 1:50pm

WTF???: Celebrity Chef Says He Planned To Kill His Wife Out Of “Mercy” And “Devotion”

Some of you may remember the “Calorie Commando” Food Network chef that plotted to kill his wife back in May.

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December 15th 12:57pm

Venni Vetti Vecci: The Rise And Fall Of Ja Rule

This may be a surprise to kids out there, but there was once a time long ago when Ja Rule was more than a punchline. In fact, he used to be one of the biggest music stars in the world. Now, all he is a once-famous rapper that’s on his way to the clink.

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December 15th 12:49pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Michael Vick Speaks About Mentoring And Wanting To Own Another Dog

Michael Vick has been through some incredible highs and lows over the last few years, and despite his new attitude and success on the field, people still want to question his heart.

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December 15th 12:31pm

Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg Is The Man!!!

See kids: hitting those books, being a bit of a loner despite being confident and then deciding to get back at all the cool kids by creating a new way to make friends pays off. Very nicely.

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December 15th 12:25pm

Name That “Voluptuous” Cake…

These backs were spotted at the “Country Strong” special screening looking flatter than a pancake.

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December 15th 12:00pm

No-Nos For New Relationships

Butterflies in your stomach, heart flutters and the chemical reactions flooding your brain can only mean one thing: you’re in love. And some of those chemicals in your brain have been proven to cloud your judgment.

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December 15th 11:58am

New Music: Lil Wayne “6-Foot-7″ Featuring Cory Gunz [First Single From Tha Carter IV]

Fresh out of the bing, Lil Dwayne Michael Carter delivers us his new single off of his upcoming LP Tha Carter IV. Weezy sounds like he’s swinging for the fences with this one!

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December 15th 11:34am

Coon Of The Day: Senator Indicted For Buying Bentley’s, Dinners, And A Petting Zoo!?!?!?

Over the past few years Americans have seen their fare share of corruption amongst politicians and financiers alike, but the way Senator Pedro Espada and his son tricked off public funds is just plain coonery.

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December 15th 11:28am

Last Day to Enter Shawn Marion’s ‘Christmas to Remember’ is Approaching … Send Your Entry Now!

The final hours of Shawn Marion’s ‘Christmas to Remember’ are approaching! So far, the response has been overwhelming, as so many mothers need help this holiday season. You still have a chance to enter yourself or a single mom you know! All entries must be received by midnight December, 17th, 2010.

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December 15th 11:11am

For The Stans: BeyBey And Camel Eat PiZZZZzzzzzza….

Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted being “all normal and stuff” again…down under:

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December 15th 11:09am

Dear Bossip: She’s Nasty!

Bossip I have a problem with a woman I’m currently dating. Let me start off by saying that she’s beautiful, smart, driven and successful.

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December 15th 11:07am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Single Mom Dies In Front Of Her 2-Year-Old In Strip Mall Shootout

Can you imagine? Losing your life, at 30, in front of your kid. And it had nothing to do with you??

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December 15th 11:01am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Bobbi Kristina Is On That DS (Downward Spiral)..Is Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol

Poor thang. Who’s to blame here??? The wild child daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is going party-crazy – and sources say her train-wreck parents have now stepped in to try to prevent her from developing addiction problems like them.

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December 15th 10:52am

This Guy Has Some Nerve…

Muhfuggas need to learn that Facebook will get your a$s in trouble:

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December 15th 10:41am

“Excuse Me If I’m Offending You, But Are You Black?”

In a candid episode of ‘Chats With China,’ the popular journalist, Soledad O’Brien talks race, ethnicity and color as seen through her own eyes.

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