April 14th 8:39am

Janet Jackson Sports Her 40+ Year-Old Banger Body While Out On A Lunch Date With Ballin’ A$s Boyfriend

Here is Damita Jo and her swirly baller boo, Wissam, out to lunch in Cali the other day.

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April 14th 8:19am

SMH: Bugsy Makes His Fans Look Stupid In NYC

We truly cannot understand 50’s motivation sometimes.

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April 14th 8:09am

When The Race Card Goes Wrong: Barry Bonds Found Guilty in Federal Steroids Probe Trial

Barry Bonds was found guilty by a jury of obstructing a federal probe into steroids in a verdict that a former baseball commissioner

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April 14th 7:24am

WTF?!?! Sarah Palin Gets A Restraining Order Against A Stalker Who Threatened To Rape Her Daughter!

According to TMZ reports: Now we’ve always said that this broad is about as sharp as a brick wall, but no one deserves this…

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April 13th 7:29pm

Why Do Some Women Really Have Sex?

Men like sex; and actually many women do too.

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April 13th 6:28pm

Breakin’ On Down: Catherine Zeta-Jones Checks Into The Looney Bin For Bi-Polar Disorder

Seems as if it happens to the best of ‘em at some point, but she has endured a helluva year.

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April 13th 4:51pm

Good, Bad & Ugly: When Rappers Get Shoe Deals

There was a time when having endorsements was called selling out for rappers. That time has passed and rappers are attaching their names to anything they can. Including shoes.

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April 13th 4:48pm

Best/Worst Haircuts In The History Of Sports Part 1 [Pics]

For years athletes’ hairstyles have been as famous as their sometimes legendary/infamous performances, for better or for worse.

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April 13th 4:29pm

Way to Teach Ashley Judd a Lesson! Now, How Are We Better For It?

It is painful to watch thousands of black women commit suicide everyday. I’m not talking about the quick, shoot yourself, or take some pills kind of suicide; I mean the slow, agonizing death that comes with allowing ourselves to be degraded, objectified, used and abused, then fighting so hard against our own best interest for…

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April 13th 4:12pm

Lil Scrappies: Female Celebrities Accused Of Fighting

While some celebrities are known for staying out of headlines with their squeaky clean images and good manners,

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April 13th 3:32pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

BET Announces New Series Starring Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner (GO) Why Getting a Tax Refund Check is NOT a Good Idea (GO) Why Mr. Cee Matters (GO) Justin Bieber is Fulfilling Prophecies Now (GO) Lil Wayne Tames Cougar Rumors (GO) The Ultimate Bridesmaids Checklist: What Your Mother Never Told You (GO) Anderson…

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