February 26th 10:51am

Selita Ebanks Birthday Celebration In New York With Swizz Beatz & More [Photos]

Selita Ebanks celebrated her 28th birthday, and was accompanied by her close friends that included

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February 26th 10:42am

Idris Elba Says The Oscars “Aren’t For Us”, Doesn’t Like Tyler Perry Movies

Idris Elba opens up about the Oscars, Black Presidents, and Tyler Perry:

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February 26th 10:25am

Baby Ballers: 10 NBA Players When They Were Lil Youngsters

Now they make millions of dollars shooting a ball into a basket,

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February 26th 10:23am

Does Your Family Have To Like Him/Her??

We asked New Yorkers whether or not it was important that their family approve of their significant others.

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February 26th 10:18am

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Atlanta Area Bank Employee’s Toddler Was Trapped In A Vault For Hours!!

1. Why is your child at work with you? 2. How do you not see her walking around unattended??

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February 26th 10:12am

A “Lil Positivity”: Homeless Man Reunites With Daughter He Hasn’t Seen In 11 Years Thanks To Twitter

Wow…Twitter isn’t just for beefin’ after all: One tweet was all it took to reunite a homeless New York man with a daughter he had not seen in 11 years.

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February 26th 9:28am

Hot Sex On A Platter: Voodoo Sex Ceremony Turns Into A Five Alarm Blaze In Brooklyn

We thought we had heard it all, but this sh*t right here… Candles used in voodoo sex ceremony caused a fatal five alarm fire after they tipped over and ignited bed sheets in a Brooklyn, New York, apartment, authorities said Friday. The fire left an elderly woman dead and injured 20 firefighters and three Brooklyn…

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February 26th 9:25am

In White Folks News: Kelsey Grammer Weds Lil Young Unattractive Thang In NYC By A Drag Queen

Well this sounds like it was a great time: Kelsey Grammer’s bride (his fourth) wore white

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February 26th 12:59am

Twitter Files: Rih-Rih And Ci-Error Engage In Some Good Ol’ eBeef!


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February 25th 10:08pm

Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Several Awesome Reasons Never To Hit The Pipe [Pics]

For years now we’ve seen commercials telling people to say no to drugs but perhaps those commercials would be more effective if they were a little more like this!

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February 25th 8:48pm

SMH: Aubrey O’Day Found A Fresh Set Of 15 Minutes

How did we totally miss the fact that Aubrey O’Day from… we’re not sure what set she claims these days, convinced someone to give her a reality show?

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February 25th 7:47pm

Another Day, Another Unnecessary Hollyweird Remake

We’re not quite sure why, or whose career they’re hoping to save, but Warner Bros has decided to remake it’s 1992 Grammy Award-winning, “cult classic” flop, The Bodyguard.

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