October 7th 6:06pm

Some Afternoon Matrimony-dom: TV And Radio Personality Egypt Shares Her Wedding Album

Syndicated TV personality and radio host Egypt Sherrod is the latest celebrity to share her big day with Essence Magazine’s “Bridal Bliss.”

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October 7th 4:56pm

Observing The Honorable Elijah Muhammad On His Physical Day

“My squad is honored like Elijah Muhammad…” – Big Pun on D.I.T.C.’s “Drop It Heavy”

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October 7th 3:50pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Camel Renews His Support For The People Of Haiti

We’re not sure how much this takes away from the Illuminati rumors, but Jay-Z is putting some good out into the world.

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October 7th 3:48pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Drake Talks Security Issues (GO) Have You Gotten Sum Poosie In Your Mouth Yet? (GO) Lil Wayne Pens Final Letter From Jail (GO) Jane Lynch Prepares for ‘SNL’ Takeover (VIDEO) (GO) Dipset Interview With Funkmaster Flex, Says ‘H To The Izzo’ Beat Was Theres and More (GO) Victoria Beckham Stands By Her Man (GO) T-Pain,…

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October 7th 3:20pm

‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to Friends With Benefits?

Good day, Bossip readers! Happy Thursday to you all! Today, the topic of discussion is one that many of us can relate to — crossing the boundaries of friendship and giving into curious, sexual temptation. Being that the lapse of judgment, whether it be

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October 7th 1:07pm

What’s Wrong With This Picture???

Apparently the Miami Police Department thinks Hov is set trippin’! The website for the department features this “Report Gang Activity” banner that has not 1, but 2, Camel lookalikes. Just a coincidence? We think not…

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October 7th 1:07pm

New Bishop Eddie Long Billboard Stirs Even More Controversy

A billboard near highway I-75/85 in Atlanta has sparked more controversy in the already controversial Eddie Long Scandal.

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October 7th 12:35pm

Friends: How Many Of Us Have Them?

Whether you like the classic hip-hop song by Whodini or not, we all need to identify and move past the toxic people in our lives and embrace our true friends.

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October 7th 11:49am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Nas Tells Def Jam To Stop Playing With Kelis’ Money

Maybe the executives at Def Jam have forgotten that Nas is subsidizing Kelis‘ career missteps these days.

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October 7th 11:30am

Forbes Salutes Power Women And First Lady Chelly-O Is Making It Rain On Them Hoes!

Forbes Magazine is following up their Forbes 400 list with a Power Women Issue lead by none other than our First Lady Michelle Obama!

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October 7th 11:07am

Request To Ban NYC Food Stamp Recipients From Buying Quarter Waters, Sodas, And Other Sugary Drinks In Motion

This is an interesting approach: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg sought federal permission on Wednesday to bar New York City’s 1.7 million recipients of food stamps from using them to buy soda or other sugared drinks.

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October 7th 10:49am

BUSTED!!! One-Time-Skating-Wig-Wearing Stickup Kids Finally Caught By Feds In A Stolen Cadillac With A Mack 11 “Machine Pistol”

Remember those dudes that were robbing banks left and right in Georgia rockin crazy-looking wigs without getting caught?? Well apparently, authorities have caught up with them, and their wigs have officially been split: The so-called “Wig-wearing Bandits” may not be sporting their long, black scraggly hairpieces anymore.Unless they can wear them in jail.

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October 7th 10:24am

Do Black Employees Discriminate Against Black Bosses And Treat White Managers Better?

Black Managers Break Their Silence about a Peculiar Racial Dilemma As the black owner of a hair salon with such celebrity clientele as Angela Bassett, Paula Patton, Phylicia Rashad, Diana Ross and others, Daisy Curbeon managed a staff of six hair stylists for more than 10 years. A former runway model, she had worked her…

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October 7th 10:23am

Seen On The Scene: “UK Kelly” All Fuzzy-Wuzzied In London

Kelly Rowland was spotted in her favorite place in the world, London, looking all bundled up and beautiful in a furry vest, scarf, and boots.

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October 7th 10:15am

Sorry Bugsy, No Swirl For You: Chelsea Handler Shuts The Rumors Down

Jokes on us. There’s nothing behind the potential trainwreck of swirlyness that we thought was developing between Bugsy and funny girl Chelsea Handler.

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